Nazi Salutes

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by RP578, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Been watching The World at War and have just been struck at the amount of variety in Nazi saluting. For example there's the familiar straight arm at 45˚ angle.


    then there's the straight arm parallel with the ground which has a limp-wrist variant also.


    Lastly there's the forearm pointed directly up with hand bent slightly rearward.


    Question: Was there a purpose for these differences or could they ust salute in whatever fashion tickled they happened to fancy?
  2. I always thought the 45 degree one was the norm and officers used the point directly up one,but christ knows. The 45 degree one goes down well in my local corner shop so i'll stick with that.
  3. Actually,maybe the point directly up one is for confined spaces so they dont hit each other,and the parallel ones used when theres loads of space just to make use of that space.Maybe...
  4. This Nazi can salute without taking his hands out of his pockets

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  5. I thought the 'up 45-out 45' was the standard, the horizontal was the one Adolf used when taking salutes (easier to hold?) and the 'who-nicked-my-tea-tray' version was his own (I've don't remember seeing photographs of any others use it (although some of the leadership may have done so).

  6. Heres antother "straight up" version.


    Wonder who copied whom?
  7. I think you'll find that in this instance Benito is hailing a Taxi.
  8. Being Fuehrer means not having anyone to grip you for sloppy saluting. He was just taking advantage of this rule to piddle in Goering's eye (who got to wear the cool uniforms with big sleeves):

  9. Ahhh.... a Nazi pirate!
  10. There's also the lesser known 'bath salute' :lol:
  11. yeah and you know what? Aparently its "illegal" to salute at football matches these days. Political correctness gone mad. This is almost as insane as my 1 season ban for offering free half time bananas to some of the chelsea players. Madness.
  12. Its illegal to salute at football matches? Anyone told those blokes in funny hats that play trumpets and things?
    On second thoughts don't tell them, maybe they might get banned and we wouldn't have to listen to the band. :)
  13. Isnt it called a Roman Salute:

    Heres a Roman saluting:


    Good old boy.
  14. He just saying BIG SMILES to the miserable crowd ! :twisted:
  15. Going from picture and films ( :roll: ) evidence. I find that the top salute was a early form of salute. note in the picture above Hitler is wearing a brown shirt, as is the bloke in the foreground. This colour went out of fashion after the night of the long knives.

    After that I generally reckon unter-mensch (ie non SS or Gestapo) generally salute 45 degree straight up. With the uber mensch (SS and Gestapo) generally were a bit lazy and only went to the horizontal.

    As for the botom picture of the three. He is the fuhrer, do you want to go for the slim fast option in a Camp of your choosing for picking him up?