Nazi knocking shops in concentration camps.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Bugsy, May 27, 2009.

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  1. Well, you live and learn! The Nazis set up knocking shops in a number of concentration camps to keep the lads up to scratch and to enhance their output. What follows is in German, by the way, but a lot of ARRSErs are familiar with the language and there are piccies. See here:

    They even had (typical Boxheeds) an application form for getting your leg over (see Picture 2 of the series– now that is fückin’ perverse in my book). But it was also the case that just about all of the women in the Dachau concentration camp, who were forced to become prossies actually survived when the camp was liberated (see Picture 10 of the series).

    Just when you think humans can’t sink much lower, they surprise you again.

  2. Japs did this on a much more extensive basis, search for "comfort women" Japanese etc.
  3. Picture 3:


    Picture 10:


    Although Arbeit Macht Frei actually means 'Work Frees' not work freely.
  4. This is the original text from "Der Spiegel":

    “Symbol des Zynismus: Der frühere Haupteingang des Konzentrationslagers Dachau mit dem Eisentor, auf dem die Inschrift "Arbeit macht frei" angebracht ist. Auch hier wurde einer der sogenannten Sonderbauten eingerichtet, in denen KZ-Insassinnen zur Prostitution gezwungen wurden. Für viele von ihnen bedeutete die Arbeit in den sogenannten Sonderkommandos allerdings auch die Rettung: Fast alle der insgesamt wohl 200 Zwangsprostituierten überlebten den Nazi-Terror in den Konzentrationslagern.“

    And this is a translation from a professional translator (namely me):

    “A symbol of cynicism: the former main entrance to the Dachau concentration camp with the steel gates with the inscription “Work liberates – Work will liberate you”. One of the so-called "special buildings" was also established here, in which female concentration-camp inhabitants were forced to become prostitutes. However, for many of them, the work in the so-called "special units" also meant salvation: almost all of the approximately 200 coerced prostitutes survived the Nazi terror in the concentration camps."

    Just thought I’d set that right.

  5. cheers for that Bugsy, my cock up, picture 3 is of the ladies after a visit to the camp hair dresser.

    The 'Arbeit Macht Frei' sign at Auschwitz is a lot more poignant and intimidating than the Dachau one as it arches over your head as you enter the camp. I went on a road trip around East Germany, Poland, Hungary and czechoslovakia with a mate in 1991 and visited Auschwitz and Birkenau, well worth the look if you are ever in Poland.

  6. :? Glad you’ve increased your knowledge base Bugs :D . This has never been any secret or tried to be kept quiet, though to date, I believe, it has been very hard if not almost impossible to get these women to go on film record though discrete testimony has been provided. Not so with the Zonderkommando who were inmates who worked for the Germans in the extermination process. At the end of the day all these folk were just trying to stay alive.

    Other than the Camps, there was nothing unusual about the military setting-up or taking over brothels for the troops, rape and pillage cannot/should not be automatically presumed. Initially after the capture of Paris, it was quite regulated and disciplined there for example. :wink:

  7. For our allies as well. The French in WWI had Field Brothels (divisional level? Corps?). They were part of the TOE. As a gesture of allied solidarity, they gave the US Army several of these "units". This practice lasted until some American congress-jackasses came over on one of their "fact-finding tours" and were horrified that some of our boys might actually lose their virginity to a hooker prior to being disembowelled for milk, Mom, and apple pie. Obviously, this just couldn't continue, and Congress forced the US Army to return the Field Brothels. After that, the flower of American youth was safe to be maimed without having first experienced the pleasures of a woman. :roll:
  8. Last French army brothel closed in 1995; it belonged to the FFL's 3 REI and was located in Kourou, French Guyana.

    The prostitutes were mostly from Brazil and were checked by the regiment's medics which made it all the more safe for the legionnaires.
  9. There was a film made; Love Camp 7 (1969)
  10. Whilst watching a documentary about the FFL was astounded to see a colleague from Belfast being interviewed about how the brothel in Guyane worked. I didn't even know he'd been in the FFL!!! He didn't think anyone would have seen the film :wink: