"Nazi fancy dress party where Jews were asked to play Holocaust victims"...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jim30, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Not seen elsewhere, but my arrse-fu is weak. Never personally had a problem with historical re-enactors, but have always thought the 'nazi uber race' type re-enactors were erring on the odd side of life. I remember going to a wargames show a few years ago to spot Hitler Youth re-enactors, which seemed a step too far...

    On the plus side, physical perfection aside, at least they tried to make it vaguely accurate ;-)

    Taken from the telegraph - Outrage over Nazi fancy dress as Jewish couple 'asked to play Holocaust victims' - Telegraph

    One man attending the event in Ramsbottom and Bury, Greater Manchester, was spotted impersonating Hermann Goering, founder of the Gestapo and one of the main architects of Nazi Germany.

    Others in the 10,000-strong crowd wore some of the insignia of Hitler’s most ruthless SS troops, the Schutzstaffel, Allgemeine SS and SS-Totenkopfverbände – the last of these responsible for Germany’s major concentration camps.

    A Jewish couple who turned up expecting to enjoy afternoon English tea dances and a fly-past by a Second World War Spitfire claim they were asked to consider dressing up as Holocaust victims.

    Merton and Barbara Paul said the re-enactor who posed the question suggested they wear a yellow Star of David and carry battered suitcases so they could “look poor”.

    Mr Paul, 65, a retired dental surgery designer, said: “It was an innocent question but of course we wouldn't want to do that. No Jewish person would.

    "It's very upsetting to see people in these uniforms. It is completely disrespectful to the six million Jews and other people who were killed at the hands of the Nazis."

    The 1940s Wartime Weekend, which is run annually by the East Lancashire Railway, has previously sparked controversy.

    However, this year organizers thought they had done enough to dissuade participants from causing offence.

    A disclaimer on the railway’s website carried a disclaimer which read: “Please note that certain uniforms have been banned so as not to cause offence to local communities.

    “Anyone wearing certain uniforms will be asked to leave”.

    Swastikas remained on the approved list, along with the uniform of the Wehrmacht – the common German soldier.

    Andy Morris, the railway's general manager, said his staff had been actively checking costumes worn during the three-day event and had asked people to remove or conceal offending items.

    "We have made a very clear statement to the re-enactors. The swastika itself isn't banned but what we have done is ask people not to wear the more offensive items such as items related to the SS, the deaths head insignia and the Gestapo.

    "The vast majority of people have recognised the concerns although there have been a few isolated incidents where our staff have asked people to remove or conceal certain badges.

    “If they are purists they are going to try to represent their costume in detail. However, everyone who was spoken to has been happy to comply with our requests."

    Instructions explaining which uniforms and insignia were permitted at the gathering

    Mr Morris said that the dress code was intended to balance community concerns with the historical accuracy of re-enactment events.

    Last year officials from the Greater Manchester Jewish Representative Council lobbied organisers over the costumes and complained about a jeep being draped in a red swastika flag.

    Michelle Wiseman, a Bury councillor who has also campaigned on the issue, said she was dismayed that the uniforms were still not fully banned from station premises.

    "I've spoken with the East Lancashire Railway a number of times, and the situation we've got at the moment is a half-way house.

    “The people who dress up like this don't realise the offence they cause - not only to the Jewish people in Bury but to the many veterans who fought in the war and were in German prisoner of war camps."

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  2. Ah yes, just the sort of chaps I imagined to be engaged in such a thing. I saw some 'figures' not dissimmilar to those in Africa Corps Uniforms at Hop Farm a couple of years ago, can't help but find it disturbing!
  3. Ironically those tubs of lard would have wound up in a very large furnace, and the fucking thing would have burnt for weeks.
  4. Its fancy dress/acting. The outrage moped is VOR.
  5. Is the whole thing not just a massive walt-fest?
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  7. You have much to learn, young Grasshopper.^~

  8. We covered this in the walt thread before, there are reenactment groups that are very dedicated to what they do and are interested in history (not just WW2 but spanning across thousands of years) then you have the fat twats who love to dress up as an SS member at the weekend.
  9. Oi, less of the weekend.
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  10. Who would go to an event billed as being full of blokes in German uniforms and then get upset at the sight of SS kit?

    I suppose any ex-SS men might have been a bit hurt at seeing themselves portrayed as such physical wrecks.
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  11. Fat Herman Bollox. This is proppa dress up soldiering gear.

  12. I honestly do wonder how many years have to pass and how many generations of Jews have to come and go before they will stop being offended by absolutely everything to do with the Nazis...

    Yes it was a terrible time, and I've gotten quite emotional wandering around the Holocaust exhibit at the IWM on more than one occasion. But there has to come a time when there are less and less of the people who were there at the time and directly involved and who have a genuine grievance against the Nazis.
    Israel seems to be like an entire country of people holding on to a hatred about atrocities committed on people who's only connection to them is that they follow the same religion.
    It's like an entire country full of Scousers

    And on a lighter note, as it's the NAAFI, I saw someone at the weekend that I'm wondering where on the scale of waltiosity he fits. Either that or the Jedi Order has a TA/RLC branch


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  13. Jesus, does he have a heavysabre?
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  14. Needs a fork lift, never mind a heavy sabre

    And a belly-bearer
  15. That photo brings to mind Yoda saying "Do, or Doughnut, there is no try"?