Nazi Bubble Trouuble

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by alib, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. In IT Greek politician punches rival on TV
    Country obviously gone to hell in a handcart, Nazi chap throws good water but has got a right on him like an eight year old girl, can't even floor a mummsy communist, still it's more entertaining than question time.
  2. What a Big fanny he is, Punched? Punched? Looked like he was ineffectually swatting a fly.
  3. Perhaps he's been weakened buy lack of humus?
  4. Fucking pondlife. Throws a glass of water over one female and swings three punches at another. What a hardman.
  5. It's a Greek thing women for slapping, boys for.....
  6. If he tries that with Christine Lagarde she'll have his plumbs for falafel.

    Here she is demonstrating her famed pincer testicle strike.
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  7. He's just tabouli.
  8. More like 'Happy Slapping'.
  9. That did look rather gay didn't it? And he's supposed to be some right wing hard man?

    Bet Hitler could've done better.
  10. That geezer is fucking nails.