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Nazi Britain?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by custard_war, Oct 7, 2006.

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  1. Not jumping on the "If it's bad lets compare it to the Nazis" bandwagon.

    History repeats itself and we really should be careful where the current climate is taking us. 1930s germany set about daemonising a minority using the actions of a few as a basis.

    My question is how is the current daemonisation of Muslims in this country any different from the early days of the Nazis?

    Why do we associate people in veils so closely with terrorism. How many of the July the 7th bombers wore "traditional" Muslim dress?

  2. I don't recall ever being so narrow minded.....
  3. Very true Custard.Muslims do find themselves in a pickle.How soon before we start shipping them off to "reeducation camps"?Gitmo just the beginning?
  4. Rowums, by WE I meant as a society. I certainly don't hold that view and I'm not implying ARRSErs do either. I cannot be held liable fo the interpr.....


    sorry dozed of there.
  5. I think we are in dodgy times and totally get what you mean CW. But as a wife who had a rather large run in back in 2003 with a then C.O over our security as a family who lived out at a time when the guys were sat in Kuwait getting ready to go in, I still feel something has to be done. Events over the weekend show how totally vulnerable we and the rest of society are at the moment.

    Back in the 1930s Hitler made all the Jews, gays etc regstier themselves. I think in the next 5 years we will see the same here, due to the massive amount of people who practice Islam being in this country illegally even though they may not be fundamentalist or any such like, but there will have to be measures taken.

    After what happened to the officer's house in Berkshire, I have felt rather concerned if what I pointed out three years ago is finally going to start on a national scale and not just be confined to leafy Berkshire (I think that's where it was??).

    Anyway my point is, if my family and I are safe whatever my husband operational status is - I am happy. If that means a slight mirroring of the 1930s - well so be it. The Islamic communities have the opportunities to "grass" on the fundamentalists or live with being monitored. Oh yes, or they have the other great option of moving to a country that embrace Sharia law.

    Oh, and just one last point before I fall off my Daz box - the Jewish communities never got involved in bombings on a national or international scale. I don't give two flips what someone wears - I just want to feel safe again. Not too much to ask for either myself or all the other law abiding people in the country, including of course the huge majority of Muslims who just want to live in peace too.
  6. Perhaps I'm just being obuse, but humour me;

    I don't hold that view, neither do you, nor do you believe that Arrsers do. So how does that mean we as a society believe it?
  7. Well said, PB. And you beat me to it; I was about to point out that the Jews in Nazi Germany did not carry out suicide bombings, or call for Adolf to be beheaded because Mien Kampf was insulting to the Jewish faith(which, of course, it was).
    With the exception of a few BNP knuckle-draggers, the vast majority of people in this country are happy to live side by side with people of ANY race, creed or colour, as long as these people obey the law of the land.
    I'm afraid that the Muslim community in GB is in no small way responsible for the bad press they have recieved. If I see one more Muslim on TV whining about how racist the UK is, or how much he/she wants Shiera Law enforced in this country, or how the actions of suicide bombers can somehow be excused by whats happening in Afghanistan, Iraq or Lebbenon - well, I may do an Elvis and change channels with a live round.
    About the only thing Bush has said that I agree with is; you are either with us or against us. Muslims in this country face a simple choice; either help the police and security services root out the bad guys - or share their fate.
    One final point; I find the title of this thread to be insulting to the tens of thousands of British servicemen and women - including Muslims, Jews and gays - who fought and died so that our country would NEVER be ran by Nazis.
  8. IMHO, I stopped and Catholic Priest outside Unity Flats Belfast (God knows when, years ago). we had a short conversation, with him explaining to me that we were not welcome (Tell me something new!), but he left me with a comment "Not everyone in West Belfast is a terrorist". Muslims in the majority are like the rest of us, prats, idiots and HUMAN, it is the minority that "Do not fear death" (UBL) :evil: . I will not serve in a sandpit (Its in the contract and I am currently lookig for another job), either of them, and I have nothing but praise for our Lads AND lasses who do, please come home safe and whole. Those who disagree with us are allowed their opinion, those who take arms against us? Thats what the APWT is for, plus others I have a biff chit for. :D
  9. I just love it when blokes of just above average intelligence feel the need to bring something 'new' to the party in the form of threads like this.
  10. Not something new but it is a fact of life, slagging muslims off in total is wrong its the same as saying all catholics are Republican some are just scared
  11. I was talking about the original poster's assertion that we were all nazi's.
  12. My apologies. I thought it was me TAXI!
  13. Can you get one for 'your man' whilst you're at it. It's a long and steep road up to the moral highground (not that he lives there you understand) and he may get a wee bit tired on the way. And besides, there's no busses until 1100hrs tomorrow.
  14. Of course there are different levels of devout belief political or religious. You can be a non practising catholic, who has republican beliefs but whole heartedly disagrees with any form of violence (this is a place that I myself have been in).

    In the same way you can be a Muslim, who wears traditional religious dress and is totally against all forms of violence because you truly believe in Allah's teachings of peace.

    Or you can be sociopath who happens to be Muslim or Athiest and has no respect for life and gets off on the power of being able to hold a country to ransome, or a race in terror.

    The point I am making is books and covers. How many time have you guys been treated like nuckle draggers when you say your a soldier?

    Stereotypes are dangerous, inhibiting and often just breed fear of others who are different. At the end of the day we all have loved ones we worry about, bills to pay and fears that keep us awake, if only the dual suspison between communities could be put aside and relationships begun. We don't have to agree with them, nor them with us, but just to understand each other and have some sort of dialogue would be a step in the right direction. After all it's not the extremists that I am talking about here, it's the every day family person just trying to live.

    Nobody wants Nazi Germany - but everybody wants to see their children grow up in a world free of this overwhelming hysteria.
  15. Been on driving duties so long I don't bother to ask for a contribtution, Balmoral? I don't go south of the river mate! :eek: