Nazi Breakfast

wow that joke put me straight into the mindset of a German soldier of the embattled and surround 6th army in Stalingrad, facing up to numerous T-34's and supporting infantry whilst down to the last few rations and bullets.

In other words I wanted to redecorate the walls with my brains using a luger.


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When they were flying over the middle east it was Lufthamza.

I know. That would get me twatted in a bar but this is the internet. LuftHamza. Geddit?


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Do you know what they used to feed German Fliers for breakfast?

— LuftWaffels! :-D
They had a cold continental breakfast after Hitler went mad when the gas bill came in...
Don't know what to have this morning, Fuhrer and fibre or eva bran flakes. Must keep my bowels efficent.
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