nazi-blair snubs VE day veterans

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speed_Air_Man, May 8, 2005.

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  1. Suprise,suprise..........the fcuking spineless service dodging cretin we have for a PM decides that it is beneath him to attend the VE remembrance parade in London today. Typical of a man (and his lackies) jealous that these men are remembered as heroes, whereas bliar and sh1tbags will be forgotten when they are gone.

    I'm glad my Grandfather isn't here to see how this cnut treats veterans with utter contempt. Well done again all you arrseholes who voted him in, by doing so you are condoning and endorsing this scandalous treatment of our national makes you want to weep.........


    p.s. bet his gutless son won't be joining up either,say what you want about Harry, at least he's having a go
  2. Speed_Air_Man, what can you expect from c*cksucker blair and that excuse for a human being cherie, they both grovel to terrorists, what a pair of chinless wonders.

    Norway has word that describes the blair family..Quislings.
  3. Would he even be wanted there?
  4. Sorry vets...

    We salute you!

    We respect you!

    We thank you all!

    (It hurts so much to think we've got to put up with that cnut b-lair for another term. I'm hoping for his ticker to pack in. That would be a RESULT!)
  5. Bang on the mark. The reason that will be given is that he is trying to save his fcuking job after being called to quit by his "supporters".
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    No suprise from a git that is facing his own back bench revolt- nice for them to wait after the election!

    Blair didnt deserve to be even invited. He's killed more UK servicemen than the Yanks!
  7. After all they did not bother themselves with rememberance day, the wives of the ones that did treated it as a fashion parade all smiles and giggles even on camera.
    Still confused as to how they got back in did a straw pole where I work everybody said I didn't and don't know who would. as they thumbed through the ever intellectually challenging Sun new?spaper
  8. I bet HRH DoE really loves to see that :evil: I rather wish he would take them to one side on HM's behalf and tell them how to behave themselves. At least Mrs Howard manages to look dignified.
  9. Well T.W.A.T. features is consistent, go die squaddie don't worry we won't.
    Hate the B'stard.
  10. I understand there is to be a big celebration later to tie VE in with VJ day. Top club attending incl. HM Queen.
  11. Yes Red Cap, a true Rememberance needs HM, and the dignity that she provides is what the few remaining Old Timers deserve.
    I suppose Tone is making plans for the clebrations to commemerate Gulf War II and his lead role,
    or perhaps hes too busy negociating his retirement plan with King George II.
  12. you are all acting as if you expected him to go....He probaly planning to start another war or completely open the border, soemthing stupid anyway.
  13. So, why didn't HM attend?

    Is it because Bliar had a hissy fit and thought "if I can't go, she's not going"?
  14. The Sunday Express had it that Blair said 'No Queen', and when he later decided he wouldn't go it meant that Howard & Kennedy couldn't either.

    What is the country coming to ?. Oh yeah, a third term of manipulation for the benefit of that grinning jackanape.
  15. Remember that the Tory leader backed Blair 100% in going to war.

    The Express is a tory tabloid. Of course they're going to blame Blair. Strange that everyone is keen to call him a traitor for not attending but not afford the same compliments to the Queen, Michael Howard or Charles Kennedy.