Naz Sarkar: Labour candidate, Reading West

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. Well, it's possible that he was the best of a bad bunch. After all, who'd want to stand for Labour in the next election?
  2. What a w anker..

    It's a shame that Martin Salter is stepping down. He was a decent chap and pretty straight forward. I remember standing next to him at an ITV party at the Labour party conference. He got woefully p issed and started heckling Michael Grade throughout his 'speech'.
  3. Classic 'diversity' measure and typically ZANU Neu Arbeit. Will he be an MP before the rules for expenses and allowances are tightened up?
  4. LOL what he knows about Reading... I would rich tell you off the top of my head it's the largest town in England, has a rather large cultural diversity... all he could say was he teaches in Denefield :)

  5. Looks like a switched-on kind of guy...$plit/C_67_article_2052491_body_articleblock_0_bodyimage.jpg
  6. I'd better tell him where my mum's hairdressers is...
  7. What the fcuk do's he teach, LUNACY
  8. He probably teach's how to make an uncohesive statement sound cohesive and intelligible!!!
  9. I believe he teaches Maths.
  10. I tell you he's the Punka wallah from 'ain't half hot mum'.
  11. Nice to see the Labour party finding the best of the best FFS
  12. Oh well. Mr Sakar should feel at home within the Parliamentry Labour Party...... But, fate migh be kind to him and 'allow' a Lib-Dem candidate go forward to take the flack that constituency.....