Navy's next helicopter completes trials on HMS Iron Duke

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Feb 17, 2012.

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  2. Presumably to be brought into service just before all teh aircrew are made redundant?
  3. I am sure that is what you meant to say?
  4. Is it me or does that just look like a posh Lynx?
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  5. What's the point in this suped up Lynx? I was under the impression that Merlin was going to fulfill the ASW & transport for the RN.
  6. Nice. The navy's new helicopter looks just like its old one. With bits stuck on.
    Did anyone here used to make models as a kid, and some kits had different bits included depending on the 'variant' of the vehicle/aircraft you were making, but you'd try to stick them all on anyway as it looked ally, when in actual fact it looked stupid? That's what the Wildcat looks like!
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  7. Westlands.

    Big piles of cash for Westlands.

    Executive Directorships for senior MOD CS and RN staff when they leave Auntie Betty's illustrious Armed Forces.
  8. I thought all that was stopped? i can't remember where i read it but i assumed some sort of rules now meant that if you are serving in HM Forces and in the contractual process you are unable to leave and work for the same company that bidded and won the contract?
  9. Now now, lets not let a few little rules and dubious underhand dealings get in the way of the already overpaid.

    I recon that if the RAF had to retain the Harrier as some on here would have liked against the F-35, it would have looked something similar.

    The Wiki page says the Speshul Forces are taking 8 and its an Army and Navy helo with an AESA Radar and advanced avionics, probably be pretty damn fast too and based on the Lynx there may be some spares/maintenance commonality. At least we didnt buy Euroshite or US Blackhawks and maintained some British Industry. I hope its better than the competition.

  10. "…AgustaWestland, the Anglo-Italian helicopter company owned by Italy’s Finmeccanica.…"


    What does Wildcat gives us?

    More money piured into Wastelands on buying a very small batch of @30 helicopters that don't give the Navy much over the MH-60R Seahawk that's already in service and proven.
    And for the army? A very small batch of @30 faboulously expensive light helicopters armed with a single GPMG that are completely outclassed by the UH-60 Black Hawk. Best part of £30M quid for a 7 seat teenie weenie? Bargain!

    And spheshul forces use? I'm sure the men with moustaches would fapp furiously if they'd been offered the well established and built for the job MH-60L Black Hawk.

    Weastelands - Reinventing the rotary wheel at enormous cost to the taxpayer since 1945.
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  11. Bell UH-1Y Venom or blachawks would of been less shit
  12. Which building in AW do you work in???

    The Army aircraft (Wildcat AH1) will not have radar or weapons (apart from GPMG or M3M CSW). Yep, it goes faster (170kts) but the engines are a lot thirstier and the fuel tanks are the same size as in Lynx. You dont need to be a rocket scientist to work out that its endurance or range will be err less.

    Commonality? Well, Westlands originally offered it as an 'upgrade' to current Lynx. This meant the MoD could avoid putting the requirement out to tender to the rest of industry, have competitive fly-offs then choose the most suitable option (as is the law). The plan was that there would be 70% commonality (aircraft, training and logistics). They also said they could do them for £3 million a piece. We wheel our old knackered Lynx in to one end of the factory and et voila, a few months later a new shiny 'Future Lynx' would appear.

    The reality is the only common components with current Lynx is the windscreen (and even that area had to be heavily modified due to Wildcat having a WSPS- Wire strike protection system and the main rotor gearbox casing. Blades are the same but if we opt for BERP 4 blades, they wont. Westland found that trying to use old bits from current Lynx wasn't workable for several reasons. Most of the bits wouldn't conform to current safety standards and the work required to 'reverse engineer' old bits in to a new aircraft was a lot more than they anticipated. The result being that the aircraft are now approx £26 million a piece. The overall programme budget started at £2billion and has since been chopped to about £1 billion. The result being that we will be buying less and have also 'costed out' capability to keep it in budget (not to mention the **** ups that occurred within MoD changing their minds, wooly requirements and a contract that ultimately favours AW).

    The aircraft has a totally different cockpit, emergency procedures and to a certain degree, handling wise compared to a Lynx so you can see a large training burden for both aircrew and ground crew/techs. The role is quite different so converting to the new role will have a large training penalty. Engines are different so the loggie chain is also quite different. They do however use the same engines as the Lynx AH9A (in fact, Wildcat engines were used for the AH9A UOR). And seeing how the AH9A is a UOR, in theory it will be binned post HERRICK (in reality it'll soldier on and be taken on to core strength but even then, the 22 we converted to AH9A standard will be time-ex'd come 2018 ).

    British industry? You mean AGUSTA-Westland, the Italian owned company? How much of the Wildcat profit do you think will go back in to the UK exchequer? Workforce? Hmm, I'm sorry to sound harsh but if I have an aircraft strapped to my arse on operations (or any piece of kit), I just want to know that it will perform to the best ability and not be too fussed if some yokel in Somerset is able to pay for a new car.....

    Wildcat is a bit bi-polar in that it doesnt really know what it is. It was born out of a Lynx upgrade programme to replace Lynx (in the utility role) but it has been found that trying to 'future proof' it using a legacy aircraft, it cannot perform a utility role. To that end, its actually now a Recce asset so it is in fact replacing (or revitalising) the recce role that Gazelle carried out. One of its burdens is it was originally hailed as a Lynx replacement using old Lynx bits to save money and thus looks not far off a Lynx. People will see it as that and be underwhelmed or disappointed that there is no perceived improvement over Lynx in a utility role. Will it be more capable? Hmm, I couldn't possibly say....
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  13. Thats rather optimistic. You're obviously including the two pilots and doorgunner in that total....

    "Wildcat - The British Army yet again flying the worlds best small back-of-ship helicopter".
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  14. Hmmmm…*didn't the former MoD chappie who signed off on Wildcat before decamping to a Directorship on Wastelands board say the that buying the cheaper and far more capable UH-60 was a no go because it was, cough, a new helicopter that would need a new logistics, training and support chain unlike Wastelands magnificently gold plated very small helicopter?
  15. I couldnt possibly comment. And it wouldnt be the same chap that when ensconced within AW, tried to flog us the AW139 saying that Wildcat was unsuitable for our needs....