Navys missing rifle sparks probe

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. An investigation has begun into how an automatic rifle disappeared from a Navy warship's arsenal.
    The SA80 rifle disappeared from aboard the destroyer HMS York, based in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

    The Navy's Special Investigation Branch (SIB) is carrying out the inquiry. Hampshire Constabulary has also been informed, a Navy spokesman said.

    He added the weapon was found to be missing following a "stock check" but all the ammunition was accounted for.

    "Most ships have a small arms store and often they do a check like a stock check," said the Navy spokesman.

    "That is how it came to light that there is one rifle, an SA80, unaccounted for.

    "They have searched the ship and Navy divers have searched around the area where HMS York is alongside."
  2. Are they sure no ones left in Sainsburys toilets?
  3. if todays matelots are anything like the ones i exercised with 10 years ago, some tonk dropped it overboard
  4. This along with the document for all the movements of HMS St Albans, for the next 2 years, being found in a pub in Portsmouth.

    All in all a very good day security wise for Her Majesty's Aquatic Hussars
  5. I reckon it's that penguin Toga that went diffy! :p

    Probably got lashed up with a couple of Royals, swiped the riffle for a laugh on the way back to camp after a night sauced up in a gay bar!

  6. Remembers a Brick stopping off for a drink in a 'Scocial' club in Belfast, had only 3 SLR's when they came to leave.
  7. Not the first SA80 to go missing in Hampshire, One was lost between the guardroom and front gate of Montgomery lines....along with a couple of LWB FFR rovers :oops:. If I remember rightly one of the papers recovered said weapon from a seller and presented it back to the medic that lost it.
  8. I'm just imagining a matelot leaning against a rail on the ship and bending over to sort out his laces or something when he hears a sploosh behind him, looks shifty and whistles and sidles away whilst muttering 'bugger'.
  9. Probably a Urban Myth, but I heard a certain Irish regiment had a stock take in its armoury and found out one of its lesser drawn SA80's had in fact been replaced with a replica BB gun (it probably worked better than the real one), the source was from a shiney arse who is also ex crab air so probably b0llocks but you never know.
  10. Realising matey boy has deposited sailors starch "Range and Lateral"
  11. From the Grauniad

    Less clear, though, is the correct word for a second revelation on what has turned out to be a bad news day for the navy. Crew from another ship, HMS York, have lost a SA80 assault rifle that fires 775 rounds a minute. The paucity of weaponry was discovered when a “stock check” was carried out in port.

    I don't know about you, but I would have difficulty firing 775 rounds in one minute.
  12. Not sure what all the fuss is about - they only lost one!
    I seem to remember not that long ago that a certain Inf Bn in North Yorkshire managed to 'misplace' several LSWs. :roll: :roll: :roll:
  13. Surely its as quick as the last person to sign it out get its it!!!
  14. Dont know why they bothered with the cover up, I'm sure these guys just used to just sign them out for "personal" use :)