Navy's largest warship visits Sunderland

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, May 25, 2012.

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  2. HMS Ocean, built in Govan, fitted out in Barrow. Spiritual home in Sunderland?

    The last ship built in Sunderland was the Superflex November in 1989
  3. I thought that it was parked at Greenwich for the Olympics, but obviously they've gone for a drive down the coast leaving us unprotected. No film of it going through the barrier this time.
  4. If I wrote the MoD RRS content I would not be so proud to point out that she is the Navy's largest ship.
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  5. Home of Cheesy Chips, Panda Pops and where father's day cards are sold in multiples of 4....
  6. Well that answers a question from this morning at the BT exchange in Sunderland. Mate, what's that? fucked if I know....
  7. Pre-positioned for the next Russian sortie into the North Sea... they know you know and they know that the T4x can not get that far North that fast.


    They know that WE know, the Arrse Illuminati are on the case...
  8. Hmmmm......

    The 'biggest' ship in the Royal Navy is a badly built to commercial standards old wreck half the tonnage and speed of the Ferry I caught from Dover to Calais last week. MOD-RSS must be so proud to be able to tout the merits this military leviathan.
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  9. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    As your wife no doubt tells you, it's not the size that counts its what you do with it
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  10. True, but the P&O job doesn't need pills to get it up in the morning.....

    All head on the hire shop compressor ;P
  11. Thank you. I am now apprised of the true reason for this jaunt. I did think that it was just to take advantage of some northern tarts. London is quite expensive.
  12. And as Dennis Healy said about the Russian fleet as it sailed by the north of Scotland in a column of ships 30nm wide and 100 nm long: "They aren't super human you know".

  13. Nice bikes.

  14. Fitted For, but not With iPods...but yes, nice bikes.
  15. Off thread but it has just occurred to me: What the hell was the little scrote doing with his iPod when going out as a boat party?