Navys gay drama classes

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hat20, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. Mincing lessons for our 'boys' in the Senior Service! whatever next?
    Perhaps some of our more senior Army Regts would benifit from the same approach.

    Defence Editor

    GAY-FEARING sailors could be encouraged to act like homosexuals in bizarre drama sessions, it emerged last night.

    A Navy boss revealed he aimed to set up therapy lessons to change “old-fashioned” attitudes in the Senior Service.

    Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral Adrian Johns said his staff were investigating “drama-based training resources” to help alter crews’ perceptions of shipmates.

    And he even joked that Trafalgar hero Lord Nelson may have been “ahead of his time” when he famously asked Captain Hardy to kiss him on his deathbed.

    Chopper pilot Admiral Johns — an Iraq war hero and the Royal Navy’s personnel boss — spelled out his ideas at a conference about gays in the workplace.

    Gays were allowed to serve in the military from 2000 after a European Court of Human Rights ruling which saw some top brass resign.

    The admiral, who commanded an aircraft carrier, said in London: “I believe there is a generation in the Navy who are probably reluctant about a lot of issues.

    “My policy team is investigating the feasibility of utilising drama-based training resources to reach some of those whose culture and behaviour need to be brought into line with 21st century thinking.

    “Training is constantly under review to ensure every opportunity is taken to reinforce the message.”
    Full story hereNavy gay lessons
  2. "Now class, this is only a demonstration, so Able Seaman Jones won't be pushing back, and there will be NO eye contact whatsoever!"
  3. Rum bum and Baccy keeps a sailor happy
  4. Tut,Tut! more tolerance please.
  5. Since when have matelots been shy of the barrel?

    "Two men facing the same way sir!"

    "Two men looking out of a porthole sir!"
  6. I notice that the 2SL is a 'Chopper pilot' himself...
  7. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I am suprised the Senior Service require 'gay' awareness!!
  8. Now I understand all that hassle a few years ago, about women on board ships :lol:

    Originally, I thought it was about the women getting nailed. Oh, how wrong I was, It was all about boyfriends being seperated 8O
  9. Thats definitely going on my list of offensive homophobic nom de nancys, along with, vagina decliner and kipper skipper.
  10. 'The admiral said he is also working to develop better contact networks inside the Senior Service so gays can meet.'
    So we have moved to compulsory homosexuality (in the form of 'acting'), now the navy is setting up a gay contact service? WTF next?

    Does this also apply to women being forced to act like lesbians? Will gays be forced to act like hetrosexuals?

    'Stonewall rates the Navy 75th in its list of gay-friendly employers.

    Chief executive Ben Summerskill said: “We are delighted at the strengthening relationship.'
    and what kind of relationship is that then?

    “The plans the Navy now have for encouraging gay people are constructive. We are confident that the RAF and Army will soon consider following suit.”

    It'll be a new MATT by the end of the year.
  11. I did stick a cartoon in this post but I've had second thoughts as it might be too offensive for some.

    Mod can you remove this post please. Ta.
  12. I am surprised the Senior Service attended a conference organised by Stonewall.
  13. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    A cynic might suggest that the order for the build of 2 new carriers still hasn't been placed so the admirals are doing everything they can to be onside with our equal opportunities government. Look for new announcements about revised wheelchair access aboard HM ships.
  14. Well how else are the crabs going to embark with their GR9's????
  15. This is quality, couldn't have wished for something better on a Friday, can't wait to get that poster up on the notice board to take the p1ss out of the Navy blokes i know.