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  1. I wanted to know what peoples view on the navy are. I'm currently trying to decide if I want to go army or navy and just wanted some random opinions on the matter, thanks
  2. It's my experience that the Army (or the TA at least, of which I am part) is rather more exciting than the Navy.

    Naval training is all very well and good, but something to bear in mind is that once you pass out, day after day onboard ship can get really quite monotonous...

    However, many people do opt to serve in the RN and love it - obviously it suits some - and this is only my experience. Your milage may vary!

    Have you thought of TA or RNR - see if it suits you before joining as a regular?
  3. That is one of the big negatives that ive heard about the navy, the monotony, but I guess everything gets a bit dull day in and day out. But I cant really say if it would be less exciting than the army.
  4. do you know yet what trade you'd be looking to do in either?
  5. Infantry in the army or engineering in the navy
  6. Nonsense! The Navy's great. Err, well, it was great.

    While the army are out in Afghanistan sharing one rifle between two and waking up as a woman because camel spiders numbed and ate their goolies during the night, you'll be adjusting the air conditioning by your spacious bunk and wondering how many rashers to have with your full English in the morning.

    Every day is different in the Navy. One day, you could be sorting out playlists and recharging your iPod. Next day, you could be on a completely unexpected run ashore in an exotic country like Iran.

    If things do get a bit boring, some wag in the ship's company will always be around to liven things up. Flight deck barbecues, sod's operas, alcohol poisoning and nicking the ship's wheel are always good for a laugh.

    I won't even mention the babes. Those bunks don't have curtains on them for nothing you know. A young guy like you should be able to trap something with both eyes pointing in the same direction.
  7. You might want to ask on Rum Ration (navy version of ARRSE), and the inf/engineering boards on here, for a more rounded view.

    Can you do a 'Look at Life' with Army & RN, or visit a unit of each, to see which suits?
  8. Thanks. At this point I think im gonna go in the army because i think it might be better for the long run. Im sure I would enjoy getting drunk in other strange countries but it would get old after awhile.
  9. Hi Logan:

    I spent over 23 years in both the RN and Canadian Navy and loved every minute of it including the mundane day-to-day taskings.

    Anyway, here's some promotional videos that my Navy put together for recruitment. http://www.navy.forces.gc.ca/cms_gallery/videos_e.asp

    Recommend you watch the first one, the Power to Sea... followed by the Domestic Security. .. then the Rolling Tide. If those guns don't get your nipples hard, nothing will...
  10. cool thanks. Just wondering , have you ever had any experience with the us navy ive got a cousin who is about to join up with them.
  11. How many who've answered the question, excluding Niner Domestic and the Ancient One, have actually got any experience of working with the RN or even having being on a Pussers grey?
    Not a lot would be my best guestimate, at least one of you had the common decency to refer him to the people who might have a clue on RR.
    thanks for that. :D
  12. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Dry your eyes, princess.
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