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Navy to resume bording parties

we want our men back or we are going to-to-to-to-to-to-to--to-to---to _______mam a big man took my toy soldiers and boats and wont give them back mam :D

good old navy :p :p


Book Reviewer
This is going to go one of two ways: Army style in which a few sneeky bods are hanging around somewhere nearby and some Iranian boats suddenly sink, or get captured, or Navy style: Only searching boats 200 miles away from the disputed border using wrens, tea and biscuits.
They have re-written their SOPs and updated all boarding training materials.

I have the smuggled insert in my possesion and include it here

Actions on Iranian Intervention.

I always had a lot of time for the RN, but if the hostage saga wasn't bad enough, the fact that they've suspended boarding operation has just been staggering (or was it because the Iranians had taken the last of the boats?). It was a good job the Royal and Merchant Navies never suspended the convoys during WWII just because it was a bit difficult at times.

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