Navy to cut its fleet by half

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Random_Task, Jan 5, 2007.

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  1. Navy to cut its fleet by half
    Daily Telegraph

  2. Isn't there a very established thread on this already?
  3. Yep, it's here, but this story is all over the papers again this morning.
  4. Once again New Liablair shows its contempt for the Military :evil:

    if this goes ahead, we may as well give up our seat on the security council and then sell our sorry arrses, as we will never be able to anything military as an independent country :evil:
  5. We are in great danger of ending up like the Israeli's, ie: take a great war winning machine. Then spend all your time and resouces fighting occupation war. Then try to fight a real war. Then get your ass kicked.
  6. It appears that attempting (in vain) to hold together a failed state is more important than the defence of these shores and the sea lanes which carry the vast bulk of world trade.
  7. So your advocating we ditch the Navy then? Utter b@llocks, who do you work for again? Old Tone by any chance?? if you think I'm being a bit harsh, re-read your post and see why I am advocating your stance is up your arrse matey
  8. Now be fair. Why do we need a Navy? It's not like we live on an island or anything, oh wait...
  9. With the few friends we have left in the World after the Blair Wars a Navy would have been quite useful for force projection. Wonder if the Argies are taking an interest.

  10. And which planet do you line on again??? Nothing and I mean nothing, is certain in this world of ours and all eventualities must be planned for. To lack an efficient Navy would be tantamount to suicide for this Island of ours and you, Sir, are suggesting this
  11. The only way the forces are going to be saved is with better management not more cuts. The cost of the kit that goes missing every year would help.

    Are military pensions administered through the MOD or the department of work and pensions. If it is the MOD maybe it should be under the DWP so that the defence budget represents exactly how much is availiable to be spent on defence.