Navy Search and Rescue team saves newborn baby

Ministry of Defence said:
In atrocious weather and after three aborted landings a Royal Navy Search and Rescue crew from HMS Gannet came to the aid of a newborn baby.

The RAF love pouring gravy on themselves don't they?

If this was an Apache crew fair one, if it was a passing landrover, fair one...

But a rescue crew doing their job?

Good luck to the baby and well done the medical types who operated in the back of the heli though.


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Was the newborn baby on it's way to a FOB in Afghanistan to meet it's dad for the first time?

Be cool if it was, that'd make great telly.


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To quote the training staff when I did my exped leader's course: "If you get into real trouble on the hill the RAF will send a rescue helo. Unless the weather's really bad in which case the navy will send one"
Did Princess TV film it?,,they need a good news story.....
If this was RAF they would've aborted the mission because it was raining outside and didn't want to get wet walking to their chopper.
They'll soon be RAF again anyway so why quibble.
because unlike the RAF these buggers will fly in anything. Hats off to them. RAF wouldn't even have taken off in that crappy weather.

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