Navy SEALs unarmed combat article

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by mon_colonel, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. An interesting article on Navy SEALs unarmed combat, any views from martial arts practioners on its use

  2. The "killing someone" move is easy in theory - I don't know it it's wise to have a big discussion on how to, but an old US marine killed a mugger in (I think) the Middle East recently - control the head, you are going down, but one bit of you isn't....

    My personal opinion is that real interpersonal violence is so weird an experience, that only the reality of it can be a preparation. Pain is so difficult to remember that unless it's experienced regularly it will make it impossible to function. Bluntly, if there is going to be a fight between a genuinely violent person who has won loads of real fights against equally violent people, and a martial arts expert, bet on the violent person every time.

    Personally, years of martial arts did me no good at all. A few weeks boxing and a few real street fights, made a hell of a difference. I suspect most of this bloke's clients don't want to feel the real fear and pain that he probably knows fine well they need to feel. You can't sell what people will not buy, because they don't know they need it.
  3. Martial arts is fucking dogshit unless you are at the top of your game. There are far too many who think a few years of karate make them into hardmen. Boxing and kick boxing will prepare people much more effectively in a street fight. Much of being a good street fighter is also down to how far a person is prepared to go and what he's prepared to take before giving up or backing down.
  4. I agree with Fallschirmjager,

    In a real fight it is the party who is prepared to go the furthest that will normally win; simply because he is prepared to do that which the other finds unacceptable. Never mind minimum force...Maximum violence is the only way to go!

    Surprise still trumps most skills.

  5. I agree with both of you. The fellow who scares me the most is not the one shouting, pushing you away whilst shouting 'come on then' - it's the quiet bloke who starts moving in.

    Surprise is key. A method that has helped me is feigning fear and stepping back (whilst turning slightly sideways to the aggressor, lowering hips and raising my arms in mock supplication). You have to be quick and nasty though. :cry:

    Oh, and pretending to sneeze!
  6. I find doing rolie polies and cartwheels in front of them whilst thrusting my tongue in and out in an aggressive manner usually achieves surprise.
  7. Bloody Maoris.

    Edited to add:

    As my hang-over slowly clears the realization dawns that it did look like bo llocks. So fair enough.

  8. That made me spill my tea hahahaha
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  10. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    Boxing and kicboxing will give you the necessary attributes - courage, timing, durability - to fight far better than will 'traditional' MA. However, the techniques they use - striking to restricted areas - are not ideal for serious threat situations. For those kind of situations, you want to do damage, not cause pain. Attacking the spine - through head control - is a simple and effective way to do that. However, without the instinct to do it, the fortitude to do it, and the timing and body skills to do it, you are unlikely to be successful. Hence the conundrum: Sports fighters are better fighters than most MArtists, even though their techniques are not - on paper - as effective.

    I am acquinated with one man who killed a guard in a prison camp - in real life not in a Chuck Norris film. He is the only man I know of who has done this. He had no unarmed combat training to his name, just a few boxing lessons (he was learning boxing from another POW). What he DID have was physical size, tremendous courage and fortitude and a don't-give-a-damn attitude: All in all, a dangerous combination.
  11. I find screaming like a girl,not the face not the face,then flopping down pretending to have a heart,then when she goes looking for the insurance policy I nip down the pub :D
  12. The article is poo.

    This is a stroke of marketing genius, but most of what the bloke says sounds like marketing hype. Particularly concerning is the multiple mention of 'knives' and how to deal with it. People should see a knife and think "I need to get the **** out of here" as opposed to "I can beat this fella".
  13. As a martial artist of over 10 years I'd have to say that the most valuable tools I've taken out of the dojo are the conditioning factor and the self discipline and self confidence that come with being "trained". The cold reality in the situations I've been faced with personally are you cover your head and make do with the most basic of techniques to get the job done. I.E. Jab, Cross, Hook and Front Kick and when I have been hit its not a shock anymore.

    I've fought plenty of times with other exponents of Martial Arts where jumping spinning hook kicks are thrown, the occasional dragon sweep and it looks fantastic because there is a certain amount of freedom and artistic license but on the street give me basics and if needs be a decent pair of trainers!
  14. i once found myself in a situation where i was being told i would be stabbed to death, and had already been cut with a knife, surrounded by 3 lads who's intentions were bad due to greivances in the past. the only way i got out of that with a few small arm wounds and a cut on my stomach was by becoming the aggresor to the point where i was sprinting at the lad with the knife and screaming at him, getting in his guard and just headbutting and elbowing him in the face and kneeing him in the groin and stomach till he pretty much just flopped over in a heap, i dont think anything fancy would have saved me in that situation, id done a bit of boxing before which helped me to sort out his 2 mates but the real threat i had to go off pure rage to get through
  15. Martial arts won't teach you to bite the f*cker on the nose and gouge his eyes out or stamp on his bollocks until he's coughing up his own man juices.