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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by mpsman, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. Help needed- - I work with an Ex RN chap. Steady!! Is there an equivalent site for the Navy ?? Cannot seem to find one on Google.

    He says it is not called Gays R Us.....

    Cheers for the assist.
  2. Not really, the closest is the rather spotterish (the 'official' at htt:// hasn't kicked off to any degree). There'a a fair bit of dark blue here anyway, and there were plans to start a sister site to ARRSE.
  3. Stay here , i am an ex submariner who has joined the army .This place has loads of jolly jacks .
  4. ah, the underwater para's (as one particularly drunk Para Lt Col put it)!

    what unit does an ex-dolphin join??????
  5. NO, but has been mooted.
  6. I must have been wrong! Clearly they don't!!
  7. Who would run it? I know the idea of a sub-forum here has been suggested but the majority was against it.
  8. Stay here, Jack! and that other lot
  9. The ezboard one is more like the old sci.military.naval newsgroup - far too technical for most of us, and not a good place for general chit chat. The RNCOM site is totally official (sponsored by my Boss, as it happens!), and is trying to get wider acceptance and usage. The idea behind it is very good, but by virtue of being "official" may not get the use it deserves.

    A sister board to ARRSE (well, more like an older, better looking older brother site actually) is a good idea, but I would hate to see it started and then wither and die. Now we are moving to DII in greater numbers, it could be an option - until the bastards block it!
  10. Someone at my school goes on some navy cadet forum its preaty much a gay version of ARRSE and them showing off which training ship they are based at.
  11. The subject comes up from time to time.

    Other Services' Boards

    No NARSE and it seems no requirement. Those of us with something to say/waffle have been doing it here (fnnar) for a while now.
  12. Perhaps if the idea had been widened to include ships????
  13. This 'Sister' site to arrse Fanny ?
    Or if we're in non PC mode CNUT.
  14. Does anyone know what happened to that shite Crab imitation of our own dearly beloved ARRSE that came to light towards the end of last year? I think they were Movers of some description - whatever they were, they were fcuking chippy!