Navy/RAF paying for the Army

Just seen a report on the news suggesting that The Navy and RAF are expected to take bigger budget cuts to allow the Army to have a breather on this one and actually have a bit more money thrown at us.

[. Does this mean no Ipod chargers?[/quote]

No they will have to keep the model they have and procure more as theunit cost comes down then give them to us next year as the rearm...

naturally the older models given to prisoners, shirt lifters, peados and the plod will come our way as they are out of fashion and its against their umin rights to have such old kit, - especaily as the sop teaching them how to stand at a pond and watch children drown may need updating to say :

ensure you stand 10 metres from the edge in case your feet become sodden, be at all times aware a speed camera may need filling up.
ensure your time sheet is accuratelly filled in etc....................

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