Navy officer, RAF Officer,............Army Officer?????????

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by kennys-go-nad, Dec 15, 2004.

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  1. A small wager on when the Army will have its turn in the currant bun, and what rank do you think? can it be beaten? :twisted:
    a posting to deepcut for the correct answer.

    'Bully' RAF chief nicked

    Gorman ... faces grilling


    Defence Editor
    AN RAF chief has faced the humiliation of being ordered home from a secret mission — to be arrested over alleged bullying and corruption.

    Wing Commander Nigel Gorman was summoned back from America — where he was working on a special forces project.

    The officer, who faces a grilling over THIRTY accusations made by his staff, was arrested within hours of returning to the UK.

    He was also removed from commanding the MoD’s elite parachute training school based at Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.

    The scandal emerged just a day after The Sun revealed warship captain Commander David Axon had been booted off his Royal Navy frigate amid allegations of bullying.

    Last night an RAF source said: “Gorman is the sort of man you either love or hate. He’s a strong personality and a talented officer.

    “But he has made his fair share of enemies over the years. It looks like they’re now coming back to haunt him.”

    Base ... RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire

    RAF sources revealed investigators have compiled a dossier on the wing commander, who is in his 40s. It is said to include claims of intimidation, sexual harassment, bullying and cronyism. The officer is also alleged to have misappropriated service vehicles for his personal use.

    The Sun was told the accusations came from a number of officers and other ranks under Gorman’s command — ranging from squadron leader down to instructing sergeants.

    Yesterday the RAF refused to comment on one suggestion made to The Sun that Gorman had “borrowed” official cars to go on holiday in France. Officially, the wing commander remains commanding officer of No1 Parachute Training School. But since his arrest he has been moved to a low profile job at RAF Innsworth until the investigation is completed.

    If convicted of any serious charges, Wing Cdr Gorman would be thrown out of the RAF in disgrace. He could even face jail.

    The wing commander, who earns £60,000 a year, was part of a US Air Force special forces project in California when he was ordered back a fortnight ago. It is virtually unheard of for commanders to be relieved early under a cloud while in the middle of operations - especially missions as sensitive as Wing Cdr Gorman’s.

    An RAF spokeswoman said last night: “We can confirm that the officer concerned returned early from detachment in the USA because of the nature of the allegations.

    Allegations ... Gorman yesterday

    “It was deemed to be in the best interests of all the personnel concerned.” As head of No1 Parachute Training School, the wing commander is in charge of 13 officers and 60 senior NCO instructors.

    One of his key roles is teaching SAS and Special Boat Service commandos to skydive from high altitude. Men under him have also been sent to support clandestine operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Last night his defenders insisted the allegations stemmed from a long-standing grudge by certain staff.

    An RAF source revealed military cops were probing suggestions that witnesses were even leaned on to give evidence against him.

    Wing Cdr Gorman was tight-lipped at the £400,000 detached home he shares with wife Kylie in Witney, Oxfordshire. He said as he returned from walking the family’s dog Pepsi: “I’ve absolutely nothing to say.”

    Additional reporting: JAMIE PYATT

    Click for Gaskill's view

    Crew tell of abuse

    Serious allegations ... Cmdr David Axon


    David Axon was booted off his warship after complaints from two young officers, it was revealed yesterday.

    Both sailors claim the boss of HMS Somerset subjected them to cruel and repeated verbal abuse. over a period of time.

    And more alleged victims are expected to come forward as the probe continues, a senior source said last night.
  2. Sounds like some really bad RSM\SSM's I've known.
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Elite? I recall PTS being a large hanger with a few rubber mats and some flight swings. Perhaps there is another one somewhere...
  4. Pehaps they mean elite as in 'We've only got the one, so it HAS to be good'

    Until they privatise it!
  5. There you go, a clear-cut case of jealousy!
  6. Sounds a bit like Tony Bliar, and some of his cabinet to me
  7. But if there were official papers in the vehicles, going the same way.....

    There is a world of difference between sadistic bullying of the weak and being vocally intolerant of the idle and those who have to be retrained after a stand easy because they have heads full of self inficted mince. Bullying the genuinely backward isn't acceptable but those unfortunates are unlikely to cross the path of a Wing Commander CRAB or Commander RN. They will be employed in the boot lace store, although, there are more and more wasters making Senior and Officer now. Bit like the days when a commission could be bought.

    Two examples in 24 hours smacks of a Fuehrerorder to the Services to show the country how right on and inclusive they are. If the Wing Commander is a hard case, I'd expect the men 'under' him to be pretty robust if they are Special Forces or involved in specialist training for the same.

    Army example next, followed by an over zealous Customs dog who only detects drugs in the luggage/cavities of illegals and asylum seekers.

    Racist Mutt Suspended in Drugs Bust.
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Great piece of investigative journalism - we now know the name of his dog!!
  9. it must have been the dog who leaked the story :twisted:
  10. One who may have made an error with some documents in a legal case, possibly? See RHQ board for more details....
  11. The Army had its turn after Telic when some whining US reservist tried to finger Tim Collins. That means the order is of service hierarchy - dark blue, light blue then green. It must be the Army's turn again then! :twisted:
  12. Guys
    At least make the bloody Journo's earn their corn :evil:
  13. I'm next, retired SNCO,forgot to flush the Dunni and pension rights stopped.

    I find it hard to find a sense of humour, with this PC crap :evil:
  14. Higher! higher! :wink:
  15. It don't look like it MrPVRd, seen nowt in the press today. possibly Blind Pugh has given the Army a reprieve.