Navy Merlins take part in anti-submarine exercise

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Mar 15, 2012.

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  2. READ ALL ABOUT IT: Navy In Doing Job Shocker!
  3. Quite. Do we need a press release to say that the most basic functions of the armed forces are being fulfilled?

    What's next "Squaddie runs around a bit with bag on back and swears alot"?
  4. Good informative article. Some of us ex-dark blue ARRSERs enjoy this one-stop shop for keeping us up to date with who is doing what, and where. It might even be educational for serving and ex-serving members of the junior services to learn what the Naval Service is doing occasionally although I sometimes doubt it from the sheer ignorance displayed by so many in their posts. Perhaps they should read the MoD releases more often.

    I've learned much about what different elements of the pongos and crabs are all about from news stories that probably appear mundane to their own members. Shame there's not a section of the boards dedicated to the Royal Navy so that those who are seriously disinterested can easily avoid it.

    Oh... hang on, there is. This one. :roll:
  5. Yawn.

  6. Indeed…

    Straight from the sea horses mouth so to speak

    Flying sorcery from Navy Merlins at world
  7. They're training fish to attack submarines? Quality!

    When do they get the sharks with layzerrs?

    Oh, that's Marlins. Sorry. Have they cloned the wizard?!