Navy medics on patrol in Helmand

Ministry of Defence said:
75 members of the Royal Navy are currently providing nearly 80 per cent of the front line medical cover in Helmand province in support of 3 Commando Brigade's six-month deployment on Operation HERRICK 14.

Although they may be navy, I take my hat off to these lads and lasses, having seen first hand the work they do, and the lives they've saved.

Some are better than others at making it past the front gate with their med bergan though....
Why do we have to big up every body for just doing their job?

It's even worse over here in the US where EVERYONE in uniform (including the pump fairies) is considered a "hero."
You mean you take your hat off to them for doing the job they are paid to do? Do you also take your hat off to everyone who patrols out of the FOB gate?
Id take me hat off to you though Fally, only fair cos yur wife takes her knickers off for me. :)

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