Navy medic looks after Royal Marines in Helmand

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Aug 18, 2011.

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  2. I notice they chose a mildy attractive target for the story, not one of the numerous disgusting fat munters that stampeded straight to the cheesecake counter on arrival at bastion.
  3. Mildly Attractive? She looks like Danny Dyer!
  4. Good on her!

    I bet her boyfriend is chuffed at her spending 6 months in a FOB with a hoarde of randy blokes...
  5. Compared to the rabid sweating gunts that deployed as well she's ******* stunning.
  6. true................
  7. And in other news, Army Medics treat Army Personell!

    I know I slag the MOD news feed of a lot, but it does seem to throw up a lot of obvious information. Maybe it'll get the "scoop" of "British Army fires at Taliban" next.
  8. I ******* hate the MOD shite, it reminds me of twisted dictatorship spin, something out of V for vendetta. So I make no apologies for deriding it at every opportunity despite it being a feed.
  9. I've had worse and I dare say so have you.
  10. Fair one. Maybe if we tell it enough some 2* with **** all to do will notice.

    Mod loves you......theres a bedsit in Bridgend with some free rope thrown in up for sale.....
  11. You realise that you can put it on Ignore? I have, for exactly the same reason.
  12. I didnt actually,how?
  13. Doris Piegobbler, CMT(V), restocks the gyms at Bastion with bottled water.

    Doris, 22 Stone, from Croydon province, Chavistan, spoke to our reporter earlier this week.

    'It's well 'ard like, stressful, innit, what wiv the chaffin of the issue keks on me minge an all that, but whilst the 'ot wevva's dryin me jack n danny aht, well dehydratated aint I, an all these squaddy types, well l caaaant complain can I? I tell 'em, dont cam in me cant cam in me maaf...'

    An MoD spokesperson refused to comment.
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  14. I snorted loudly at that descriptive yarn, well done sir.
  15. Left-click on the username, then click on 'View Profile'. When the profile page comes up, scroll down the column of options on the LHS - 'Add To Ignore List' is about the third one down. Click on that, and follow the prompts. It's easier than it might sound.