Navy Lynx

No “Corps” personnel involved with this one. Head and lower limb injuries to the two front seaters (front end collapse): 1 x Jack and 1 x Royal. Minor injuries to the JackaWinch in the back, others included one REME on detachment.

This is one (thank God), they were able to walk away from (albeit on a stretcher).

"The REME got a sore throat when the BCF Fire Extinguisher blew back in his face"

Anyone remember the fire extingiuisher demonstartion ay 4 Regt Detmold in around 83-84.
one of the Big 'Ball' type extinguishers was Timex so the entire Regt, 'Scale A parade' lined up to watch a certain REME tiff demonstrat its use.
This model has a long red hose coiled up and mounted in a tight fitting container on one side.
Our knowledgeable Tiff gives lecture, pulls 'Safty' pin and Fires off the massive Ball.
F-all happens for the expanding 'Foam' is locked solid in the tight fiiting container.
Miserable Twot never even bought the booze in the mess either.
Good to hear only light injuries.
That was a classic moment Jon.

The best bit about that incident for me, was that just about everyone in the Regt was muttering, 'unreel the hose!'
i didn't get a sore throat, but my eyes were bloody stinging. the bcf hit the engine and rebounded into my face. i staggered back clutching my face screaming, " my eyes, my eyes", tripped up over the port sponson and landed in a crumpled heap on the ice cutting the back of my leg open on the way down.

how the nightmares keep me awake at night!!!!!!!!!!

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