Navy Lose Felixstowe Bomb

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ZXR-BIRD, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. "they haven't lost the bomb, they know arpoximetly where it is they just haven't physcically laid their hands on it yet" :lol:
  2. Ha Ha muppets! A few red faces in the Felixsowe area I would say....
  3. Seems to be a marked reluctance in coming out with the facts like "yeah, we lost it, so what"

    "we have a gps location, we're currently carrying out a search"....SO YOU FCUKING LOST IT THEN :roll:

    I take it Seaman Batchelor, Faye Fcukwit & co weren't actually captured by the Iranians........we knew their gps location (from the ipod signal) and were conductiing negotiations etc etc Har har.
  4. ah come on guys not like its big or dangerous is it lol
  5. I see its on 'Anglia - News In Depth :D
  6. Its not lost its in the North Sea :fish: The Navy never get lost, they have all the latest equipment and its all tried and tested in Iraq :jocolor: oops maybe not the best example to use! Still its taken 60 years to find the bomb sure it will turn up soon :relax:
  7. oh not lost just practicing it's waterbourne cam & con
  8. Ooops!!
  9. Did anyone seet hat scouse matelots stubble (the male one), don't they shave in the Navy?

  10. No my action man which came with the submarine had a beard so guess not
  11. Solution:
    Say "Found it!", tell everyone, set off large bag of explosives and sit back and relax. Then when the actual lost bomb goes off taking a fishing boat or something with it, look surprised, say "Must have been another one. What are the chances of that?" :roll:
  12. oldbaldy

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  13. well its back in the sea so who really cares .
  14. oldbaldy

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    The Navy have wheeled out someone who looks a bit like a woman:
    Felixstowe TV