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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by woody, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. Just been on portsmouth local radio . Some one found a resticted document detailing a ships movement over next 2 years .And another ship has lost an SA80 unaccounted for :lol: . Lest they havent hit any rocks .
  2. So that would be steaming round Portsmouth Harbour?
  3. Yep - and it's the usual bollocks reporting again. They are reporting it as HMS ALBANS (thick twats can't even check the name of the ship - ST ALBANS). It's a bloody longcast, marked as Restricted, and is out of date as soon as it is printed. Even the taxi drivers know more about where the ship will be going than the planners.

    The SA80 will be an accounting cock up. However, they are reporting it in a nice balanced way as "a high powered assault rifle that has been stolen."

    Must be a slow day for news in the area.
  4. You haven't nicked it have you?
  5. Yep - on Ebay as we speak.

    It will probably turn out to be a gunner who has tippexed a new number on the stock and forgotten to update the records. The Longcast story is media hype, and complete shite - the media dept are almost openly laughing at the way the local news are frothing at the mouth over this one. Not as though it's the bloody Fleet Operational Schedule.

    And I'm putting one of those on Ebay later on.....
  6. I agree with Pompey....

    I have yet to see a longcast that doesn't lie. And since was 'Restricted' (codeword:NAAFI) a highly classified document?

    The Albany has gone downhill in the last few years though.....
  7. Journos. Spit!

    Longcasts (like all programmes) are a basis for change. Sailing in obscure areas on peacetime (it is?) missions, port visits (port authorities need to know!), hardly warrant the covering 'Restricted'. Programme for the next two years: Refit, Pompey Dockyard. Don't tell anyone.

    If however the longcast says that HMS **** is going to have a cloaking device fitted and then test it in an operational environment 'hunting baby seals' then I'm as concerned as the forces of law and order that are no doubt pulling out all the stops to find out how this longcast fell into civilian hands and who is responsible. That sort of stuff should be classified 'Eat Before Reading'.

    Fortunately for the 'miscreant', we have a sympathetic First Sea Lord.