Navy is last of British troops to pull out of Iraq

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RoyalMarine1995, May 23, 2011.

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  1. "More than eight years of bloody war in Iraq officially ended for our troops yesterday as the final handful of Royal Navy personnel pulled out.

    The withdrawal of 90 sailors, who had stayed behind to train the Iraqi Navy, marked the end of Operation Telic – which has cost 179 British military lives and £10billion.
    From the Daily Mail, 23/05/11

    This signals the end of another expensive war. What are your thoughts on it?

    Most newspapers commented that "The Government hopes to withdraw British forces from Afghanistan by 2015" at the end of the article. Which means that soon there will be no more 'proper' tours, according to many...
  2. Were they the clean up party, left behind to make sure that no iPods were left behind?
  3. Buggar! you beat me to it.
  4. Oh dear, its back.
  5. Well when we are at war with Iraq again we will know who to blame if the Iraqi Navy's too good.
  6. There will be more tours...we will be in Iran looking for missing IPODS.
  7. And I believe that the Iraq medal is now history, so if you got it, its a veteran's medal now.
  8. Talking of clean up parties, here's a reminder of the Army's finest hour at Umm Qasr:
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  9. ...which was a dry-run, not a live op (and long after the initial invasion). The beach had been previously recced by the RM who were obviously having a bit of a laugh :smile:
  10. Its good to see we can still find jobs for RN personnel, now we have no ships left. I guess they must have been jealous of the Iraq Navy's capabilities...

    Hope we didn't teach them SOPs on what to do when approached by an Iranian ship.....
  11. The future of this thread:

    1) 18 posters mention confiscated IPODs.
    2) 2 bearded posters take the piss out of the pull-out from Basra.
    3) 25 posters mention IPODs.
    4) someone brings up the West Side Boys.
    5) someone else mentions the Falklands surrender.
    6) someone tries to calm things down by mentioning 13 Army victories out of the last 15 Army-Navy rugby matches.
    7) every Arrse matelot pipes up about 'Fijian ringers'
    8 ) mouthbreather with fifteen posts to his name pops up and compares Army and RN casualties figures in Iraq
    9) general mayhem ensues
    10) Mod says '..with that, thread locked'

  12. The story I was told when on a course at the Engineers Geo place was that 40 Regt RA wanted to make a video to send home to the wives and girl friends etc. Went to the Bde (or div?) Geo cell and were told by a female RN Officer that the area they had chosen would be unsuitable, but someone decided she didn't know what she was talking about because she was a woman.
  13. It sounds like one of those stories (like the RSM and his daughter in the darkened guardroom and the squaddie putting a morphine needle through his thumb) that everyone has a different version of. Of course, if you say such a thing on ARRSE, 57 people will post 57 different 'definitive' versions and the universal opinion that you're a tit... :smile:
  14. At least we can share common ground with sheds. Where's the harm in that? :-D

    Well done to all those involved in the final drawdown of TELIC but don't turn out the lights just yet. TELIC may be dead but long live KIPION!
  15. You are messdeck Meg and I claim my free whitefront dhobying!