Navy forced to curb role as Gordon Brown imposes cuts

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by Skynet, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. From The Sunday TimesAugust 31, 2008

    Navy forced to curb role as Gordon Brown imposes cuts
    Michael Smith
    The government is planning further big cuts to the Royal Navy after deciding that terrorism is the only serious threat to Britain. Annual accounts from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) show that it is to cut funding for new ships and equipment by more than 20%, from about £1.8 billion a year to a maximum of £1.4 billion.

    The cuts come as the MoD tries to fill a £2 billion shortfall in its budget over the next three years. Overspending has left funding even for this year uncertain. They will force the navy to shrink its commitments around the globe, further limiting Britain’s ability to play a role in world events at a time when the perceived threat from both Russia and China is increasing.

    The Royal Navy has not sent any ships to join a Nato force in the Black Sea since the Georgia crisis began, in contrast to poorer countries such as Poland and Spain.

    Gerald Howarth, the shadow defence spokesman, said the situation in the Caucasus and the navy’s inability to send any ships to the Black Sea “exposes the complete folly of the government's approach to the navy”. He added: “The procurement budget is shot to pieces and there is simply no money in it to buy the ships that the navy needs.”
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  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Have they not been listening to their own gobshite Milliband trying to start something off with our friend the Bear?

    God help us all
  3. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Someone remind me when the next election is so we can vote these idiots out.
  4. So...more Defence Cuts for the Royal Navy... and everyone else. So does that mean those 2 new 'Super-carriers' are goig to be built

    ...not built...

    ... or 'put on hold' for a few years which will probably mean that they won't be built at all now....
  5. My bold. (and edited my italics also, bold wasn't so obvious!)

    So the future energy crisis, lack of food etc is not of any concern to the Govt? The re-arming and sabre-rattling of the Russian Bear is of no concern? The continued posturing of Iran (who only control the straits of Hormouz (sp) where a small quantity of oil comes from) is of no concern? As I have said before, wars have a nasty habit of being unpredictable.

    This smacks of writing the threat to meet the budget. When will someone (ok, the CDS and his three henchmen) stand as one and say STOP!!!!!!?
  7. The RN is our most needed arm strategically. Troubled times are coming and reducing the navy is stupid. Hence, it will happen. It seems to be a recurring theme. Just before the sh1t hits the fan, we reduce our capability to respond.
  8. Spotting a few red flags here in the articles out today and a trend. The sign off for Defence Strategic Guidance 08 is due shortly, this will also sign off the PR08 process too. To finish the process Ministers are required to make some tough decisions, many of which won't be very nice to make the books balance. All the services are now counterbriefing like crazy to influence the final sign off. Expect more of this for the next few weeks.
  9. Good job we don't have a bloody big coastline where naughty chaps might land in small boats, or sealanes plied by vessels carrying the manna of the nation.

    Dozy git couldn't run a bath, let alone a country.
  10. I detest this poxy excuse for a government.
    They are so focused on terrorism, there own financial status and there own job security they are clearly not looking at what is actually happenening in the world.
    Ivan's trying to flex his muscles again, Iran are probably laughing their arses off at how they can make the world flinch, and everyone seems to be forgeting the French!!.
    The French are intent on stealing our sovereignty (spelling??) with this illusion of the EU. They just want vengeance for all the times the British have kicked their arrse.
    Seriously though, I really do hope that the world stays stable enough for a very long time, otherwise, were fcuked.
  11. Really, genuinely, scary stuff.
  12. Surely not, didn't the blessed Gordon claim recently that 'no one respects and admires the Armed Forces more than I do'?

    I was involved in the bidding process for the Type 45s a few years ago. At that time, informed opinion mandated that 12 Type 45s were the minimum necessary to replace the 18 Type 42s that were to be taken out of service on the principle that, given our commitments, even a super Type 45 couldn't be in two parts of the globe at one time. Now, with only 6 being ordered, it appears that they are expected to be in 3 or 4 places at once.

    Whilst I realise that New Labour in general, and Gordon Brown in particular, hates the Armed Forces, playing fast and loose with the nation's security like this would appear to be ill-informed madness.
  13. Mnairb- given only 14 T42s were built, and 12 were in service, think you're getting your facts mixed up.
  14. Ugh. Then it seems like numbers 5 and 6 Astute are on the chopping block.

    Should I laugh that the goverment of a country that's totally dependant on Maritime shipping for it's very survival, is pissing its navy away?

    I can only conclude that the spinless scum in cabinet have decided to sell us out if we ever get into a war with someone armed with stuff better than an AK and some flipflops. :x
  15. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Someone on this very site not more than a couple of weeks ago (both call-sign and date/time escape me at this time...) made a comparrison to the state of the Navy in 1979 and now, and then mentioned the Falklands war and a hypothetical Falklands 2.

    Looks like he was right on the money! Things are certainly looking "interesting".