Navy engineers catch Black Widow spider in Sea King

Ministry of Defence said:
Royal Navy aircraft engineers got a shock recently when they started maintenance on a Sea King helicopter and came across a Black Widow spider inside.

Glad they caught the illegal immigrant.
Glad they caught the illegal immigrant.
It will be even more miffed when it finds benefits have been capped at £26 grand a year. (Thats $40,977.15 to you Dave).
It will be even more miffed when it finds benefits have been capped at £26 grand a year. (Thats $40,977.15 to you Dave).
$41,000. Wow. That is huge by US standards. Amazing <logs off to check fares to UK>
"After realising what we were dealing with, we used an element of skill and considerable daring to capture our stowaway rather than squashing it. Having secured the offending beast in a jar we informed the relevant agencies so professionals could verify exactly what type of spider it was."

Those brave RN chaps...makes me so proud.

It reminded of this episode:

Deadly invasion of Oz spiders | The Sun |News
I once encountererd a large black widow spider. Dangerous my arrse, it died quickly and I didnt even break a sweat - or get my story in the papers..
Dey do do dat do dont dey? Especially when you stamp on them.
Pah, black widows!

It's those bloody funnel web spiders you have to be careful of, they're nails. You can tell that by the tats on each leg.
So what happened to the ipods while they carried out this dangerous mission?
It will probably go to the European courts to have its case reviewed seeing as its a widow (or seperated) and being an ethnic minority. A danger to people should see it getting the right to stay and not get deported.
Lucky it wasn't found in a Chinook, it would have been sexually assaulted, indicted in divorce proceedings, pictured looking soulful in The Mail and blogging its woes on by now.


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Those fecking webs just get caught up in the rotor blades!
Ever notice how its always a BLACK widow spider?

Never hear about white ones.

That's racist that is.

Long ago, when I was a civvy skip licking bastard the first time round, I worked in a carpentry / joinery workshop making windows and doors.
We received regular deliveries of tropical hardwoods from all over the globe and passengers were very common. A black widow is **** all, they have them throughout the med area and girly mediteranean types are unphased by them.
Bunch of feckin girls , Ive spent time in southern California ,loads of em there ,locals would laugh at the RN , they are only dangerous to very young children and weak OAPS , shti thats the RN screwed then !!.
Dr No has a lot to answer for:

[Honey describes how she killed the man who had raped her]

Honey Ryder: I put a black widow spider underneath his mosquito net... a female, they're the worst. It took him a whole week to die.

[Bond looks shocked]

Honey Ryder: Did I do wrong?

James Bond: Well, it wouldn't do to make a habit of it.
Spiders on a Helicopter, the long-awaited sequel to Snakes on a Plane.
Wonder if it will get deported back to the U.S.?

It will have to undergo trauma counselling first, then assessed if it is fit to travel.

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