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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by spoomo, Jun 17, 2007.

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  1. in rag order! :x

    Anyone (some I hope did!) see the footage of todays ceremony in London, the Navy had bods out of step all over place and there was a prolonged shot of an ossifer marching alongside Prince Andy marching alongide the front rank looking on with dismay at the arms and legs all over the place!

    Capped it off was when the officer fell out of step and could be seen checking the front rank and trying to correct his own step! :roll:
  2. Basic reason for this is that our senior service simply dont have the manpower to dedicate 2 weeks (I remember as a sea cadet it took us 10 days to get everyone's dril movements coordinated at IFOS in 2005) to drilling men/women upto the required standard. The guys that were there were probably whoever wasnt doing anything today from Devenport and Portsmouth.
  3. Duly noted. Counted at least 3 senior officers tick-tocking very nicely, thank-you very much. I especially liked the commentators' references to how well the bootie and pongo veterans marched- despite the fact that many of them had been out of the game for 20-odd years- I'm sure a back handed reference to the fact that the Andrew that preceded them looked like a shower of sh1t.

    Thank fcuk Crab Air looked fairly decent- but where they found more than two members of the two-winged master race who could keep in step with each other, let alone with the rest of the parade, I don't know. It's normally a shock for aircrew below the rank of Wg Cdr to be in No.1s for anything other than a wedding or a bollocking.
  4. Mate, it wasn't as if they were trying to mirror the Queen's Colour Squadron continuity drill display on The Generation Game. All they had was Quick March, Left Wheel, Right Wheel, Mark Time and Halt. Hardly rocket science.
  5. the misses thought i was insane when i randomly started saying that 'those matlow b*stards should be in step, shower of Shi*te' (no offence to our brothers in dark blue). Upon trying to explain the ins and outs of drill to her, she promptly looked seriously bored and told me i was doing so, so i just sat there muttering to myself.

    Mind you recently visited one of our fantastic purple tri service training establishments, and the standard of marching from the Raf/Navy/RM was completely shocking (im sure the RM have never heard of the term), still, its good to see a squad of Army sprogs being beasted around the camp at mach 10, marking time every 50 paces. Its even better to see the look on the baby crabs / mini matlows faces as they look on astonished!!!!
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Us crabs do some quite good drill.Once when Princess Anne was coming to Kinloss,The SWO (RSM equivelent) had practice parades every day for 3 weeks before hand.Even the duty photographer was'nt exempt!
    But I gather the navy dont march,they 'bimble' along like a Sunday stroll.
  7. Careful, I'm almost certain I saw a bunch in khaki and wearing maroon lids swinging their arms while they marked time too.
  8. Well maroon lids explains it all then, cant expect them to be good at marching, its far too difficult for them, much easier to jump out of planes and stuff. One observation though, what is this 'holding of the straps when marching with a bag on' thing that the crab sprogs do when they are marching around camp?

    Whilst re-capbadging in the army and at one of these tri-service establishments, i had the privilige of being drilled by a RAF FSgt, i've got to say it was slightly below par what i went through in Basic all those years ago, he was also very polite which was a complete shock to my system.

    Usually, in the army, we get beasted around before a drill session just to warm the muscles and get everyone sparking. But we were straight into rehearsing a parade, did it good twice and got knocked off. An army drill Cpl/Sgt would've made us do it at least 5 times just to make sure that we werent being flukey! And still would've bollocked us even if we were good. Mind you, i dont know why im being nostalgic about it, i f*cking hate drill and much preffered the RAF way!!!!
  9. Dudes, when it comes to drill, Matelots are a shambling sack of shit, no argument. I happen to be one, and despite all the other things that we are good at - ie nailing PAD wives- when it comes to drill, it is "Stoke Mandeville will march past".. :D
  10. Keep practacing drill fellas, someones got to be able to swan around ticktocking and looking a cnut when we cant be arrsed to anymore. by the way, do any of the pongos who do the drill shite actually know what a rifle is used for?

    before you kick of about jack...I happen to be Royal.
  11. Hey blobby tell us what else you have done after being a Royal?. Glad to see the RM and ARMY showing the RN a bit about drill.
  12. Not surrendering, at least. :wink:
  13. MIAAOOOWWWW! :twisted:

    Saucer of cream for Miss Spoomo!
  14. What, like all those blokes from RIR who surrendered to a rag tag mob of armed ten year olds in Sierra Leone?
  15. FFS fellas, I was at the parade and there was only a small contingent of serving bods there except the RN who turned out on mass, most of the blokes were in the boozer just before they had to march, there was more pace sticks stacked on the shelves in the bar than empty glasses. All they had to do was the lead old buggers down the Mall, the onlooking civvy masses didn't give a flying fcuk who was and wasn't in step, they just cheered every man jack of em. Thats what it was about, Trooping the Colour was yesterday.
    Rant over.