Navy Divers Falklands War Diary

Apologies if previously posted, but I've just found these Falklands War diaries on the BBC News website, even though they're only diary entries I found my self totally engrossed. The guy who wrote them is now planning to write a book, which I look forward to reading when it's published.

May Diary Entries

June Diary Entries
After the Standard had fired its Exocet, the Exeter shot her down with sea dart.
Spell check got hold of the Etandard in case this baffled you!

Gets worse:
The two Skyhawkers that exoceted the Standard were chased off by Harriers.
=The two Skyhawks that escorted the Etandard were chased off by Harriers.

I'm sure it would have said that in the original diary before a YTS trainee at the BBC typed it up :roll:

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