Navy Commando in Vietnam...?

From the Daily Wail - so stuck it in here.
Had a quick look through the relevent bits and couldn't see any reference to the story, so apologies if it's been done before

Doctors retrieve bullet from war hero which had been lodged under his skin for 40 years

Read more: Doctors retrieve a bullet lodged inside man for 40 years | Mail Online

A war hero who underwent surgery for a routine groin operation was stunned when doctors retrieved a bullet that had been lodged in his leg for 40 years.
Former Royal Navy Commando Robert Mitchell, 63, was injured in two separate battles in the Far East during the 1970s.
He was later awarded the Distinguished Medal for bravery but continued to feel pain in his groin.

(not putting the rest of the story on here, sure you can click on the link - read further down for the Vietnam reference, interesting!)
Interesting article. Does sound quite far-fettched, but i suppose if your in the right place at the right time things could pan out that way. Im assuming he was a medic or signaller? Cant imagine an AET getting drafted to be infantry during the Malay emergency, let alone selected and sent over the gulf of thailand to take part in a war that we were not a part of, and then take part in cross border fighting that was'nt by the books either. Quite far from the normal role of people attached to a cdo unit isnt it?

Sounds like a good read to me.
Never mind that old herbert.

The fact that you missed this in the side bar of the page just confirms that you are all secretly hermers.

Jean Paul Gaultier dresses Diet Coke and Gemma Arterton | Mail Online
Thanks for that one! A perfect anti-dote for the piccys from Aintree...

8 LAPD police officers shoot and kill 'unarmed' man, 19, with more than 90 rounds as dramatic car chase caught live on TV | Mail Online
(A good result I would say)

And one that gave me a giggle...

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A schoolboy error, if it's aimed at the ladies it will contain filth on the sly.

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You dont need to be sly on the net these days!

Yea suppose, also depends on what computer im using, if its going to be used by someone else you cant really go on the filth with it, it would take at least a day or two without porn for me to start browsing the womens articles though.

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