Navy and sodomy

What is it about the navy that makes evryone say that they 'bum' each other, unless of course they do and this is one of those 'trick' questions' well anyway do they?
Group of blokes, under the waves on a sub, where no one knows where they are for 6 months plus at a time!!! what do you think!!!
Could be the fact they positively encourage a bit of bum action:


a. EuroPride, a major gay/lesbian festival, will take place in London over the period 16 Jun to
2 Jul 06. On Sat 1 Jul there will be a march/parade through the West End of London followed by a rally in Trafalgar Square. You may be aware that there has been some discussion about Service personnel participation in the parade and rally, in particular whether they should wear uniform or not. The RN have decided that their people may march in uniform during the parade (but attend the rally in civilian clothes); the RAF are likely to prevent theirs attending either in uniform. This note clarifies the Army’s position.

b. While the Army fully supports the event, and will have a recruiting stand in the EuroPride Village on 1 Jul, its policy is that those who wish to take part in either the parade or the rally are to do so in civilian clothes.

My God, imagine being "The only straight in the Sub"
Defo would be sleeping with one eye open!!
I don't know whether you folks have seen this before

(Its quite a small image but you can just about read the text)


Look to me like the sort of blokes who would fight for their turn in the barrel!
Dunno about the Navy being gay but you have to wonder at the reasons behind a grown man volunteering to spend six months at a time in a locked metal can with no other company other than a load of other sweaty grown men and only enough beds to accomodate half of them at any one time :)


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They do indeed have their own bedspace, but....

- the beds are at least three deep
- there is barely enough room in one to turn on your side without hitting the one above (little room for any prostate leasure there :) )

Mind you, they do allow smoking, have decent bars (with real beer) and there's plenty of time to do some private study after your Watch.
It's not just the bum. Isn't rum and baccy something to do with it as well. Naval traditions?
"Don't talk to ME about Naval tradition! It's nothing but rum, sodomy and the lash!"
Winston Churchill, to the Board of the Admiralty, 1939.

By gosh, but that's to the point! :D

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