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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by nottyash, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. My Father In Law, the old codger bought a Navman and not being very computer literate, threw the original CD out, thinking that, that shiny magic was not required.

    One year on he want's to update his maps and hands his Navman to number one son in law and say's sort it.

    I ask where is the software CD, his answer is that it never came with one.

    Yeah right. I have tried google to download the software, having registered the unit with NAVMAN online, but cant seem to find the software.

    Any Arsers got any ideas?

  2. Not tried it my self as i'm a law abiding person! :eek:
    But a download site/or bit torrent site???
  3. My NAVMAN never came with a cd either.
  4. That's gobbledegook to me.

  5. Have found a number of downloads, can you supply the type of NavMan please.

  6. An illegal download or file sharing site on the internet!
  7. Just know that it is a F Series??
  8. Would rather not, if it can be helped. My wife used to do something similar for music and it killed her Ipod.
  9. Nothing wrong with downloading but anyway, I am assuming you have the connection leads for the PC and the instruction manual for assistance? If you want the manual in pdf format you can get it here:

    And here is the software for the Pc, it's called Navman F Series Desktop, just hit the link "Download Navman F Series.." and away you go. If theres a problem let me know and I will search again for you.

  10. Dont use them myself, but know those who do!
  11. Cheers buddy, will try it.
  12. Sorry brother, already been there only software updates unless I am missing something?????
  13. Just clicked on the link I gave you and yes it just leads you back to, sorry!! Have just found another site, as you are a bit squamish about download stuff I will do it, virus check it and will let you know what I have.

  14. I've got a Navman iCN 550 with 4 discs of 'SmartST' software.

    Probably no good to you if yours is an F Series though.
  15. Right question.

    I now have the software and USB connector. Now need to download/subscribe to a Navman map update. Having checked the 'Navman' website, I am having difficulty navigating/finding the option to subscribe.

    The site is not that clear....or perhaps it's me.

    Anyone used this subscription service before who can point me in the right direction?