OK, so the MOD wound up going with Navistar's effort instead of the Bushmaster, I can't see why ('cept BAe pushing it so they could keep their in to the JLTV program), of course Richard North has decided to bitch about it, so the big question, is it any good? How strong is that big black belly pan (Keeping OpSec in mind), is it as fragile as the US army said it is?

I'm sure somebody on here's been around the thing, or at least heard word.
That depends on how fragile the US Army have said it is! ;-)

It's actually a pretty good piece of kit (far superior to Humvee, Panther et al)- not an 'MRAP' by any stretch, but then it was never meant to be.

If the exam question is a highly mobile Q wagon that needs to get combat supplies to the F echelon across some pretty severe terrain, then its an ideal vehicle. Mastiff or Ridgback substitute..? No, but then WOLFHOUND variant (Mastiff flatbed) cannot get to the places an MXT can go - and to a soldier waiting for re-supply, that is critical.

The Copperhead looks good on paper...but there are also some equally compelling reasons why not to buy it.