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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Bubblehead1, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. A bit of a long shot but here goes. Does anyone have an digital copy of navigation questions like the ones you do in basic training, I believe its Matt5? Coming from a Navy back ground its nearly impossible to get any theory papers on land navigation. Most of my navigation involves being in the water. I've got what I've can of Army net, mainly reading material which has been a great help and I have been out and about getting real hands on but lacking in the theory side of things.

    I do apologise its not the ideal first post so I stand by for incoming but thanks for the assistance.
  2. I take it it is half term already?
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  3. I wish it was.
  4. If i can recall from my Army survey training many many moons ago, North is always up the way.
  5. Well Grid North is anyway :)
  6. I shall keep that in mind.
  7. Flash Git, beat me to it. I've added a 'basic' version. Well, he is Navy!
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  8. I've already got that. It's been useful.
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  9. I appreciate that but as the OP has clearly stated he is Navy and trained only in Ipod use and surrendering to the Iranian Republican Guard I thought I would keep it simple.
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  10. Are you deflecting my irony?
  11. Schweik junior is about to embark on the D of E scheme. So I've agreed to teach them some map reading and do some practice walks with practical navigation by them along the way. Amazingly when I googled it (sorry cant remember the search terms used) I stumbled upon a cadet force site with lesson plans for all the basic map reading lessons (well, all the lessons: map reading, field craft, drill etc etc actually) but for map reading it was a real help to me because it allowed me to plan teaching map reading from scratch when I haven't done it for several decades. Try some inventive googling.

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  12. Moi? Perish the thought, Mon ami!