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Naval Service Invaliding Pension


I'm in receipt of a Service Invaliding Pension following Medical Discharge from the Navy, with the illness being attributal to my service. I was under AFPS75. I now need to find out what kind of pension this is, ie. does it count as an occupational pension, war pension or something else? The reason for this is that I have fallen on hard times and am trying to put in a claim for benefits. However my area is a Universal Credit area, my entitlement is £317 a month. However occupational pensions are taken off this £ for £, so in receiving a SIP of £368 a month this wipes out all entitlement if it is classified as an occupational pension. If it is classified as something else it would not be counted against my entitlement.

Reading on the BMA website in their bit about armed forces pension scheme it says:
What will I receive if my injury or illness is attributable to my service?
Attributable benefits are not paid under either the AFPS 1975 or the AFPS 2005.
If the injury or illness was caused by service before 6 April 2005 then attributable benefits are paid under the War Pension Scheme (WPS) or the Armed Forces Attributable Benefits (AFAB) Scheme.
If the injury or illness was caused by service on or after 6 April 2006 benefits may be paid under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS).

So this suggests it would not be an occupational pension - but is that only the case if you were a medical officer in the forces? I was in the submarine service as a radio operator.

Any help would be much appreciated. My current income of my SIP does not even cover all my priority bills.


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