Naval Promotion freeze

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DodgerDog, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. Another nail in the coffin of out Armed Forces, watch the junior officers who will be affected by this flee the Navy because they cannot make 2 & 1/2 !

    How about sacking a bunch or Captains and Admirals instead bearing in mind that this rebalancing is supposed to be focussed on the front line - last time I looked Commanders were Captains of most capital ships less Carriers which have Captains as their Captain or Commodores if they are the Flag Ship of a Task Force since we no longer have enough ships to make up a Carrier Group.

    I am not one to see assets stripped form the Army to keep the Navy afloat but how measely does our defence capability have to get before the Politicians realise we are beyond the point of no return and that they have broken the backbone of this nation?

    Naval Promotion Freeze to Lt Cdr
  2. It seems a little daft attempting to cull the multitudes of upper ranks by this means, in fact it sounds just like the solution that the upper ranks would produce under political pressure (ie politicos who have read Lions, Donkeys and Dinosaurs, and are rightly horrified to discover that Admirals are in charge of car parks etc.)

    Prehaps a 'new' Navy is planned which will only be opened to those denied promotion now - it will get all the new ship(s) while the 'old' Navy keeps the cocktail parties......
  3. Defence by "short term accountancy"

    Perhaps we need to develop our own "5 Tests" ??
  4. I think one ofthe first tests has to be

    Can we enter into a full scale conflict in a matter of weeks
  5. I think we all know that would be impossible. Sad to see a fine arm of the british forces go down the drain. Beancounters at work again :?


  6. mmmmm well lets put a couple of focus groups on that plus get a overveiw from one of the big consultancy firms...and maybe a phone around some of our media freinds and see how a full scale conflict would play on the front pages.
  7. Surely the intelligence Indicators and Warnings process will give us months of notice to regenerate any Naval capability in time. I+W Current Intelligence is based on a foundation of Basic Intelligence.

    Where does that intelligence come from?

    well lets see, GCHQ, MI6, MI5, the RAF, the Army and............ :frustrated: :oops:

    ( we never got any useful intelligence from HMS Endurance either, did we :?: |Not even in 1982 ?? :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: )
  8. Even better, lets privatise the forces completely! Seems to be the governments method of choice for schools, prisons and now hospitals. :x

    Strikes would be commonplace, shoddy service and most of all it would cost even more.........Yes, it sounds better all the time.

    I want an award Bliar for this excellent idea.......there is a few quid in it for you as well :lol:

  9. It is laughable. Just settled in for a stint of Soccer AM and in the first advert break, there was a commercial for RN Careers. I almost choked on my Cinnamon Bagel. This method means that the upper echelons are going to rest on their laurels and the young talent will become disillusioned and leave, reducing our quality even more. POLtCdrs doesn't have the same ring to it does it?
  10. The only problem is that Britain has not had several months notice for any conflict since WW2. Enemies tend to realise that surprise is a strong weapon, so funnily enough Saddam did not publish warnings in the 'Times' that he was going to invade Iran or Kuwait. Neither did the North Koreans, and drug smugglers and pirates are too uncouth to even place a small notice in the 'Daily Mail'.

    The ships placed in mothballs will take at least 18 months to bring back into service. Crews will have to be retrained and the Navy will struggle to find enough experienced and 'in date' officers ready for an immediate operational deployment.

    Some wnakers on this site, showing to all that they have an IQ smaller than their shoe size have claimed we do not need a navy, just a coastal defence force. Such spastics are ignorant of the Navy's recent roles in the Lebanon, Sierra Leone, the Gulf, the Carribean. Not to forget the Falklands (which are not the only islands being looked at greedily by johnny foriegner). The Navy gives us a platform from which to reach over 500km inland for warfighting, disaster relief, humanitarian aid, peacekeeping, sanctions implimentation, anti-narcotic patrols, etc, etc, etc.

    What the MoD is doing is getting close to treason.
  11. Hear, hear!

    If we simple individuals on this site are able to see the total cluster about to be unleashed upon the RN, why in the name of all thats holy can the political head sheds not fight for the side.
    Maybe they gave their manhood to Bliar upon promotion to the cabinet 8)

  12. If promotion to Lt Cdr is blocked. Doesn't this mean that the whole system grinds to a halt? Until eventually we don't even need new ensigns?

    I am maybe a bit thick, but surely this would happen.

    Or they all leave.
  13. Chocolate frog is spot on, my reading of this is that the MoD cannot afford to pay redundancy money and has found a cheap way to prise people out.
  14. Is it not also true we have more Admirals than Ships?
  15. Cheap? Except when they sue the MoD for constructive dismissal and each affected officer is awarded 300,000 quid plus pension rights!

    Or does that come from a different budget?