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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Morty, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. I'm getting confused with the number of job roles which invlove 'Observation'. I get the OP Assistant role - attached to all artillery gun batteries for identifying targets and calling in fire? This can be done in both the para and commando role, after completion of the respective All Arms course.

    How does a Naval Gunfire Observer operate then? Obviously it involves targeting with regard to naval guns, but are they part of the Royal Artillery and operate independantly, or do they serve with Infantry battalions?

    Also, why can an OP Ack not fulfill this role?
    Sorry for what may seem like a bone question.

    Cheers chaps.
  2. OK, Field or Gun Regt's have FOO (Forward Observation Officer) Parties, their role is to bring fire down, the FOO is an officer and his team will consist of OP Assitants (aka Acks) who are NCO's and Gunners. This means the follow Regular Regts will have OP's

    1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (AS90)
    3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (AS90)
    4th Regiment Royal Artillery (AS90)
    7th (Parachute) Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (Light Gun)
    19th Regiment Royal Artillery (AS90)
    26th Regiment Royal Artillery (AS90)
    29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery (Light Gun)
    40th Regiment Royal Artillery (Light Gun)

    Further to this, there are OP Parties in 14th Regiment Royal Artillery as trianing support to The Royal School of Artillery

    Also 5th Regiment Royal Artillery has Special Observers in 4/73 Bty RA who are not traditional OP's and also there are Advanced Posts (AP's) in the non- ASP SoundRanging troops (if they still exist) who double up as OP's but are not OP's in the truest sense

    Naval Gunfire Support is provided by 148 Bty RA, 29 Cdo Regt RA, this is a specialist RA unit formed from the commando gunners, however RN personal do serve in the Bty, they have a seperate selection to 29 (I believe it is possible to go direct, but in the past it was a requirement that you had to be Cdo trained before going on the course, this may have changed again i am using old second hand info) The course is similar to 4/73 Btys selection (I have been told), cannot qualify that. Yes there job is to provide Naval Gunfire Support Forward Observation (NGSFO), in other words bring down Naval Gunfire

    148 Bty - Wiki Page

    148 Bty - MOD Page

    Morty, this all sounds funky and I know you an eager young pup, get yourself in forst mate then think about it, if you fancy it stick your name down for 7 or 29 (latter if you fancy 148) and take it from there. Berets and badges are all nice thing but I loved my time up the sharp end in an armoured OPV just as much (possibly even more) than sneaking about in the dark
  3. Some background reading for you would be 'Falklands Commando' by Hugh McManners in which he describes his role and activities as an NGFO during the Falklands War.
  4. Excellent, cheers for the sound info chaps, also the book reccomendation. I've read his book 'Commando', about the AA Commando course. Good stuff!
  5. Not to confuse things but while i was an Op ack in a Fld Bty in the early 80's i did both Naval Gunfire and FAC training (although obviously not at the same time ;) ) whether they thought it would come i handy at some point i dont know...
  6. Very good point, although said units are the ones set aside for sneaky beaky stuff, that doesn't mean you don't get a crack at iy yourself.

    I remember once getting on a LRRP Summer Patrols course, put alot of peoples backs up as it wasn't in our "required" list. Got the place becuase there where places and if we could get a patrol (4 men) together we could have the places. Unfortunatly for us we couldn't get funding to get to Germany or time off to do it but ho hum. I also remember talk of getting UAV Image Analysts FAC trained at one stage, not exactly sure how that would work however, plus there always the jolly jaunts to Borneo for the "I'm a 'nam vet jungle instructor" course
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    1. The Royal Navy

    Sorry to intrude on a Gunners site. As a Naval Gunnery Officer I get to spend a fair amount of time with the 148 team. The traditional idea of ships providing gunfire ashore is some what changed now. The 148 Bty teams form up Fire Support Teams or FST to 3 Cdo Bde. These are a mix of RA, RM and RN personnel and give a group of people of differing skills and experiance. They are used to direct all fires for 3 Cdo (or anyone else they are attached to, say USMC); Naval Gunfire, mortar, RA units, Air Support etc. They are based at RM Poole and are Cdo and Para trained. With the teams are Naval Gunfire Liaison Officers (NGLO) and are TA Officer all ex RA. They are based onboard ships to act as a bridge between the Spotters ashore and the teams at sea. If you want more information give 148 Bty a ring on 93884 2243. Of course you will have to get Cdo trained and be required to Naked Roll Mat fight at the drop of a hat.
  8. ANGLICO looks quite a fun job...