Naval Field Gun Team Recruiting, Open to All!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Gremlin, Mar 15, 2007.

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  1. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Maybe this should be either in Sport or Military History, however:

    Whilst at a funeral on Wednesday, I met some members of the Portsmouth Action Field Gun Team, who were acting as coffin bearers.

    They have resurrected the old Naval Field Gun Competition (last run by the forces in 1999) and are actively seeking recruits to take part, they now perform in the UK and world wide. The Team has been together since 2001, and has many of the old Filed Gunners amongst its ranks.

    For those mad enough, or brave enough watch this:

    Full details from their site are here:

    Have a look at the calander to see where they are running and support them!!
  2. Good for them. It's a shame that the competition was closed down. Also a shame that I can't seem to find the last run on youtube to show people what it was.

  3. Fookin nails, field gunners.
  4. I saw a BBC documentary about Jolly Jack, a while back. There was a load of faggots and split arrrses pulling the guns about, but without the walls and chasms. The shameless twats refered to themselves as "field gunners." No wonder they've mothballed half the fleet!
  5. Can French people apply?? No jokes about dragging the guns in the wrong direction please.
  6. Sounds like Brickwoods.

    This is the amateur version for want of a better description.

    It isnt as easy as you think.
  7. I remember my dad telling me he didn't make the team for portsmouth because he ended up in hospital after a training session after he fell over and and ended up with gun, limber and the rest of team going over his back because they stopped for nothing
  8. No
  9. Was always the highlight of the Royal Tournament. The bands were wonderful. The Army and RAF displays were magnificent, The field gun competition was par excellence. I was taken to many shows as a child and was inspired by them. It was a sad day when they were binned by unfeeling and unknowing politicians. What has transpired since is even worse. The gradual dismantling of the regimental system, the reduction of the RN and RAF. I served for nearly forty years in two services, and in my retirement despair of what the politicians are doing to this once proud country.
    Good luck to the people who are trying to revive it,
  10. I had a go at the original gun-run down at HMS Excellent. Didn't know it was possible to strain so many muscles and get so many bruises and live....
  11. How much are the guns? Metrotec make the ammunition. ARRSE shooting club trip to Otterburn anyone? :D
  12. It should never have been scrapped, as it was always a magnificent competition.
  13. Bugger! Another conspiracy theory started.
  14. I think you mean Bob Lawson at Geometrotec, website here

    A very helpful guy especially if you need something odd.
  15. Yes GeoMetroTec. That's the bunny.

    So how much are the guns?