Naval evacuation of British passport holders in Lebanon

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Jul 16, 2006.

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  1. My memory escapes me but isn't a certain Finsbury Park Mosque 'Cleric' on the lam in Lebanon, will he be using his British Passort to escape the Tribe of David who will definately have him on a 'to do' list.
  2. Thanks crabby, but I would not be asking if I could access it easily
  3. Cannot access either google due to localised difficulties or the BBC due to PRC policies, actually.

    may thanks for the name
  4. </p> see also this article

    </p> ...can't find more recent gen on Al Masri - Google results do bring up that Mahmoud Majzoub, also known as Abu Hamza, was seriously wounded in a car bombing (in Sidon, Lebanon) and later died on Friday 26 May 2006 - report is here

    Hope this helps ...
  5. A_J, I think the guy you mean is Omar Bakri the former leader of Al-Muhajiroun. He bugged out to Lebanon about a year ago but left his family over here. Bellmarsh might not seem so bad right now :twisted:
  6. That's the badger!
  7. Many thanks chaps!
  8. The cheeky bastard is now asking the RN to evacuate him!! That's one collateral target the IDF are welcome to, seems he was on someones 'to do' list. Chuffed :D
  9. Oh to be on the gangway with a clipboard when he rocks up asking for Port Outbound and Starboard Home!


    Either he is chronically pathologically shameless and stupid in equal measure to think that we might give him a ride.

    OR he knows something. Is there legislation that obliges us to pick him up if he can claim that he's in for a kicking?

    Tricky one for HMG, given as it is to taking in as many poisonous waifs and strays as it can (terrorists, hijackers, etc) to fill up Londonistan.
  10. Crabby, Who's this? Oh and the other Andrew uni mate is back in Blighty!

    Bakri has asked to be evacuated and was refused! There is a God!!
  11. Wide-mouth frog to the rescue maybe?