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It's a real life orgainsation in the US, but its also a programme on FX (and FX+1) and 5.

Notwithstanding the storylines, which are pretty bog-standard police procedural - admittedly with with a US Navy/USMC bias - does anyone else think that Agent Ziva David (Cote de Pablo in real life) deserves to be introduced to Her Majesty's Finest?

Bluddy tinternet won't let me copy pics :evil:
She does have a certain flair...

Not so keen on the other one...

I quite like the first female agent they had - got topped at the end of the first series IIRC.

Now NCIS: LA has some seriously nice totty.

Edited as one phot didn't work.
Cote De Pablo is my favourite lady in the world.

Her character in the show used to be a Mossad assasin and thus is a martial arts expert.

Having Ziva force herself upon me would be a fav fantasy of mine.

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