Nauru Riots

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bumhole, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. Australia sends asylum seekers to a tiny pacific island called Nauru for offshore processing. If they don't actually set foot in Australia they cant claim asylum there.

    Today the new Pm Kev Rudd announced very strong reforms, with a ruling that no illegal arrival can ever get Australian residency and would be shipped to PNG for settlement. PNG is a violent hell hole full of tribal lunatics who carry machetes and hack people up.

    In response the detainees in Nauru have rioted, burning down the camp built at great expense and effort by the RAE, and taking staff as hostage.

    I lived on Nauru for a while, and it has a tiny police force. They were totally overwhelmed. Tonight the police minister went on the radio asking for urgent help. Apparently around a thousand Nauruan men turned up. Now Fridays are bad nights to pick a fight in Nauru. The men are big and they get pissed and fight on Fridays. And they have a tribal warrior mentality.

    Apparently asylum seekers have been injured, and the local men have now attacked the detainees who were on a bus being moved from one part of the camp to another.

    The detention centre is on fire. The mess, the accommodation area, the kitchen and the newly built recreation area have been set on fire. The detainees have been pelting the police and security guards with rocks and sticks. There have been at least five explosions, reportedly from cars set on fire. Reportedly, one police officer has been stabbed and is being held by the detainees.

    At least a dozen detainees have been injured, many rushed to the hospital. And I suspect its just getting started.

    Read more: Riots on Nauru, policeman held hostage
    The detainees are all Iranian men, and I think they may well now regret picking a fight in Nauru.

    Riot on Nauru in wake of Rudd PNG asylum boat solution |

    Riots on Nauru, policeman held hostage
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  2. They'll not accept them now, not with a criminal record.
    We should do the same using a deserted Scottish Island.
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  3. Can't they just get all the locals to leave the island for say a month or two and then go back and deport any surviours that are left after that?
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  4. FOC .
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  5. Having seen drunken Nuaruans fight, I think they will be lucky to live through the night. According to the latest news the real police are struggling to control the unofficial deputies who are "baying for blood", as one islander put it.
  6. How many poor but safe countries do these "asylum seekers" pass on the way to Aussie?
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  7. Why? just point them in the direction of marking times house instead.
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  8. FTFY
  9. Sounds ideal to me. When word gets out where the economic migrants are sent they'll by-pass Australia. Now if we had prime minister with a if we had a prime minister instead of a school prefect.
  10. Oh, the irony.
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  11. A Great idea but there is one slight problem.....

    Can anyone spot what it is?

    Clue Aus is not a signatory to it and as such are free to do what they please.

    BBC are sort of reporting it.. The rioting got a mention anyway..

    BBC News - Australia to send asylum-seekers to PNG
  12. Is Gruinard Island still available?
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  13. I haven't looked it it up but it that the one associated with Porton Down?
  14. Latest news says 15 police and locals have been hurt. That wont go down well in a small island where everyone knows everyone else.

    The whole island is a like an inbred village.
  15. Anthrax anyone?