Naughty Teacher

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by nips, Sep 15, 2006.

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  1. The kid's a cnut, any decent 14 yr old British kid would still be shaggin it and getting the money shot of cumming in her gob as a camera phone video for his mates!
  2. The kid must be a legend but well said facelikeapingpongball what an idiot thats a schoolboy mistake if ever I saw one.
  3. Fcukin ugly trout.
  4. Awwwww... I want to be taught a lesson!
  5. However much of a legend he is to his mates, shes still a fcuking peado
  6. it's wrong and it's double standards.

    If its Ok for a young boy to shag a female teacher, what about schoolgirls shagging Male teachers ?

    you would condemn him out of hand while applauding the schoolboy.

    both Teachers are in responsable positions

    you can't have it both ways
  7. Burn her!
  8. I agree.

    But she probably does have it both ways!!!!! Fnar fnar :wink:
  9. how many of us would dream over having someone like that shag us at 14! can't believe the tosser squealed.
  10. There were a couple of female teachers at my school that I wish would have given me a 'helping hand'
  11. Principals aside. When I was 14 I'd have gagged for a teacher like that to let me pound her doors in. Would sure beat pounding my right hand.
  12. must be a septics thing then, i had a fave teacher, Miss carter, looked very swedish. mmmmmmmm, be back in a minute
  13. Oh my, never teachers like that at my school!!! Parents should have invested money better!!! I just watched that video link, research reasons you understand! Uni proxy wanted user details, so I full expect that my internet connection will have disapared by the end of the day!

    This very strange thought, usally when we see this sort of thing, be it male or female, they are laten in age, where as this women is only 23 at the time, and I'm pretty sure she would have been able to pull if she wanted to bother her (rather large) arrse to go out!!