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An active-duty Navy SEAL was found guilty Friday in Nevada on 13 federal charges alleging he headed a scheme to sell machine guns, explosives and military hardware from Iraq and Afghanistan in the United States.
Bickle was able to import the guns into the USA because Navy SEALS are not required to have their bags checked going through customs entering and leaving the country.
Seventy-two weapons were involved in the case, including more than 30 machine guns, said Thomas L. Chittum III, head of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives office in Las Vegas. While the firearms were found to be stolen, testimony and evidence didn't establish how they got into the U.S.
Transformers 3 Employs Gun Trafficker as Consultant and Extra

Vegas jury finds Navy SEAL guilty in weapons case - CBS News
After actually reading the article it looks as if he´s being set up by a bunch of crooks,he´s on a tag at the moment untill his sentencing comes up which I assume will coincide with him being somewhere half way up a mountain not in the continental US?
So he smuggled rather less than the 2,000 plus firearms the ATF allowed to cross into Mexico (& in some cases specifically supplied).

I wonder who will face the longest jail time; him or Holder?
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