Naughty Poem........ Do Not Read If Your Like BB

Discussion in 'Poetry Corner' started by IceBytch, Dec 22, 2003.

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  1. Mary, Mary...
    Quite the contrary.
    Your no dyke,
    And I'm no fairy.

    With my seed...
    I'll deflower.
    With my tall ship,
    You'll come for hours.

    You'll scream so loud,
    Your face will glow.
    As your rivers splash and flow.
    And I'll call you pet names...
    Like " My Little Hoe".
  2. Let me guess, someone recited this to you and swept you off your feet?
  3. How did you guess???

  4. It was her brother.
  5. I thought it was quite romantic actually.......... :D

    I like your poems Ice, got any more? At least they make me giggle..
  6. Why should I take offence at this poem???

  7. binty would :lol:
  8. i will find out some more poems and post them dont worry :lol:
  9. Why have you written a poem to a gardening tool?
  10. On yonder hill....there stood a hoe
    It's time for my I'll have to go.
  11. 'Ode to a Hoe' - written by a spade, presumably...
  12. Bill & Ben actually.
  13. B & B - BB - spooky!