Naughty Necros!

Try to download a torrent of SAS- Search for Warriors. Search on Google. It's a 2 part doco on the 2010 Australian SAS Selection. I imagine the British version is obiviously much, much harder, but it may give you an idea of what to expect. Apparently the show has been bought by UK TV- not sure which channel and when it will screen Probably won't be long before it's on You Tube.
that crap about just name rank and number is have green amber and red zones now!! no information is worth your life!! green you tell them what you want, amber they are getting irrate so shed as much as you are happy with and red means spill all because your life is worth more then some info just rememeber what you said so you can notify superiors!
Not supposed to do the heroic business now are we? All went downhill the minute the RP exam was taken off AOSB...

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