Naughty, naughty....

Any footage on You-Tube yet??
"Crank up the volume" piss poor collection of words.


Must have been sh1te filming if he got jailed for it :?
Should have got a better camera and editor :wink:
It is his own fault for getting into the wrong line of crime. A bit of house breaking and kicking some OAPs half to death and he would be off with a slapped wrist FFS :x
vvaannmmaann said:
Grassed by his ex-doris? Unlucky.
Grassed by his ex-doris who knew of the scam when they were together but only bubbled him when she got the heave-ho.
Did she not get to keep the videos of the blokes undressing/showering when he booted her out? :wink:

I'd fucking jailed her too!

Where can you get these camera's? 8O

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