Naughty Naughty part 2

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by fatboy69, Jun 8, 2010.

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  1. Ok I know this subject has been locked in a previous thread:

    Beyond the call of duty:

    It does state however that he was cleared last week of any impropriety, would that not suggest the investigation is now complete and that this is now fair game for comment?
  2. Prurience or a keen interest in values and standards?

    To the hole!
  3. Does it really matter? whats the point in reporting something that is a daily occurance (Divorce and marriage breakdown).
  4. Connie isnt a war widow, she is the ex-wife of someone who was killed in action, the lady he married in September is his widow. Non-story, locked and to the hole please.
  5. Neither, just seen the thread had been locked even though the investigation was complete.

    ........and I wanted to say what a munter she was.
  6. Regardless of whether the case is closed or not, I still think this isn't the sort of thing we need to plaster all over ARRSE. Besides, what comments or opinions could be added to this thread which could be considered worthwhile and/or appropriate?
  7. ...and you've just confirmed what I thought. Mong. :x
  8. Move it to the NAAFI, then we could have worthless & inappropriate comments aplenty!
  9. My apologies, I thought this was the current affairs section of an internet forum, where we place stories appearing about the military (good or bad) so that others may comment.

    Next time i'll just p.m the link to you so that you can personaly vet them as only your opinion counts. knob.
  10. are you bitter because Brad shouted at you once? Do you have an agenda?
  11. Let's look at this from my point of view (and doubtless a few others') shall we?

  12. Nope. I'm sure he's a nice guy. It takes balls to kick your missus in to touch at that stage of your career with all the financial implications from divorce etc.

    Just as I said previously, military forum, military story.
  13. Military forum, military non-story...
  14. Either way, he certainly goes for ugly old boliers!

    He should be discipline for walking round like a pikey in a vest too!
  15. I don't think a widow deserves abuse on this forum.

    Not even worthy of the hole