Naughty Daughter? Smart Businesswoman?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. Laurence Fishburne disowns porn star daughter | TV Guide

    So Larry is miffed that his baby bares all and takes it anyway you like it for' art'...

    Not that she's all that good looking in the plastic bimbo way of most porn starlets these days [ maybe that's a plus??], she's obviously trading on Daddy's fame and prominence to get a head start -claiming that this will help mover her 'career' along faster than taking bit parts and learning 'the craft ' like other 'actors ' [and the porn producers are more than happy to exploit the connection - her ' stage name' wasn't much help in disguising her ' ambitions' ].. first day of issue of her DVD and 300,000 copies sold [ Daddy Fish tried to buy them all up, but, hey, couldn't keep the pussy in the bag ]..

    As the father of three daughters, I'd be hard pressed to face the lads at the local and say " She sucks dicks and takes it up the wrong-un in porn films so old f^^kers like you can w@nk over the DVD. " when they ask what's she do for a living?

    Anyone squirm over your baby neckid on the plasma? or you okay to shout " You go girl!" and help her count the cash sale percentages?
  2. Wow - ambition AND the brains to choose two outstanding role models to emulate.
  3. If she has the trademark gap between her two front teeth like her father, she'll be able to suck a guy off with her teeth shut.

    *Edited to add* - I've just found the video. Its shit and if my daughter had arse acne like hers, I'd try to ban it! Someone posted it on a free porn site. But since posting links to the site is a big no-no, you'll have to Google it! :)
  4. Racists must love this kind of thing; imagine the gloating that goes on at the weekly meeting of the Baton Rouge KKK chapter...
  5. Agree the video is rubbish. She's a bit dull, gurning and grinding away mechanically like a little girl trying to copy a grown-up. Word on the street is that the director advised her to wait until her arse-acne had cleared up but she was in some kind of massive rush to do the video.

    A bit fucked in the head methinks, and dim about it too.
  6. read this a few weeks ago, not exactly a looker is she BUT anything to get themselves in the public spotlight i believe.

    daddy must be SO proud.
  7. Havent seen it but if its that bad wont even bother
    just had a look at the cover for her film looks like a lot of air brushing went on for that one.
  8. Meh, il give it a 4/10.

    Chippy D

    NSFW, obviously.
  9. Just as well she inherited her daddies good looks.
  10. It could be worse, her job could revolve around the phrase, "do you want fries with that"?
  11. Not sure I would agree that working in McDs is worse than being a whore.

    Pays worse I suppose but at least you get a free hat.
  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    what a moose!
  13. Seen it. 4/10. It's already being referred to as "yeah, that bird with the spotty arrse whose Dad is in CSI"
  14. It's more the shame of working for MaccyD. ^~
  15. Laurence Fishburne??

    Called himself "Larry" for years and then re-invented himself as "Laurence" when he felt that he simply must be taken seriously as a thespian,darling.